Traditions have begun!

Traditions are in FULL swing here at our house. First we started our “Adorenaments” (12 special ornaments that explain the different names of Jesus) My Grandmother gave these to us when Broughton was a baby & we have read/hung these ornaments every night on the 12 dayz before Christmas. The kids Absolutely love it, & look forward to “who” gets to hang the ornament. They are also learning ALOT about Jesus and who He really is. Tonight are ornament was “The vine”. The verse was from John 15:5. The short story talks about remaining in Him & producing much fruit. When I asked what kind of “fruit” Jesus wants us to produce..McKenna loudly exclaimed..”UOOOHuuhh.. I KNOW.. Grapes!”


Well,… like I said.. we are doing this every year, she’ll get it later! I did explain to her what we were talking about & she just said ok. 🙂

At least.. Broughton understands now!

And,.. just because I guess I wanted to make myself CRY.. look what I found…..

Check out this.. This was Faith’s first year home with us in 07. She was hanging up her adornament!

And.. look at these cheezy smiles!

B-man showing off his “Ga-Bulldog” ornament.

“”sniff-sniff” oh my babies!! Where has the time gone?!!!!

Okay.. composing myself now….

We also decorated our Gingerbread houses. Every year we have a SWEET, sweet neighbor who brings Gingerbread kits for us to decorate. The kids look forward to her coming every year! After having them for about a week.. and not decorating them.. I Could not take her asking me ANOTHER minute.. “when are we gonna decorate them houses?” So, we got them finished and boy do they make a mess! But, they are fun to do and the kids love it!

One more thing that we like to do each year.. is to add a new ornament to our tree. Not just any ornament.. one with meaning,.. one that reminds us of something. This past summer we were up in Maggie Valley, NC and visited one of my FAVORITE Christmas shops.. The Cabbage Rose. As we were looking for our new ornament.. Broughton came and got me & Matt to show us what he thought.. should be our new ornament….

Whatcha think?.. Pretty good ey? I thought so too. Not Bad B-man.. Not Bad at ALL!!!

Our Lord Our Saviour,.. The Lion & The Lamb!!! Praise Him!
No matter what your traditions are in your home.. We pray that you won’t forget the true meaning of Christmas and draw near to those you love.. and LOVE!!

6 thoughts on “Traditions have begun!”

  1. Keisha…I love your traditions! How awesome! I love the ornament idea. I would love that for our family if you know where to find them! The pictures were so sweet. I also love the blog look. So cute! You're so gifted, Keisha! Merry Christmas!

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