Sweet Bliss!

Yesterday during church, it was just me & my boy. Matt went to another church to hear one of his coaches preach, McKenna was at children’s church & Faith was in the nursery. I told Broughton to sit on the 3rd pew from the front, so I could SEE him from the choir! (That way.. I could sneak out of the choir & get my hands on him…. if need be) He obeyed and did just that! He was so good & I was so very proud.

I LOVVVE taking notes of the sermon. Actually, I have my own little notebook that I carry with me in my bible holder. Most Sundays our pastor places an insert in the bulletin for everyone to take notes. He usually has a power point presentation & we “fill in the blanks”.
I, didn’t have time to get a bulletin & my little notebook was NOT in my bible holder. UGH!!!!! But, Never fear…. my little man.. had a plan! He WANTED to share the notes WITH ME! Can you believe it?! I was all teary eyed… I …was… just… in…. sweet ….bliss.. Y’all!

I know.. some of you may be about to puke right now.. but,.. I really don’t care! This was such a precious little moment shared with my little fella!!

He’s only in the third grade.. and some of these words.. he didn’t quite understand. “Quench” was the first word that he whispered to me and said..”Momma, what’s that?” So.. i whispered back.. “Quench” means.. to Satisfy completely… not needing anything else.. it “hits-the-spot”.. as we southerner’s like to say!
Praise the LORD that HE Quenches our thirst!!!!!!!!!!! And,.. no I’m not talking about water.
Another word that I thought he might not understand was Transformation. (notice what I wrote out beside the word) He carefully took his little pointer finger & read what I wrote & looked up at me and shook his head and smiled.. like “Yeah, I got it!”


Moments like these precious LORD.. I will hold onto forever! Thank you for these special times with my children!
Hope everyone has a Great Monday!

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