The Kissing Hand…

McKenna has done really well in school. She LOVES school, actually & I can not tell you HOW long this child has waited to GO! After the first week, one night, it hit her that she really… **gulp** Missed her Momma!!

Yes, we cried & I told her a story about a little raccoon that had to go to school. The book is called “The Kissing Hand”. I went to our library and they didn’t have it, but they ordered it for me & I’m going to go get it today!!

I told her that night that the next morning we would draw hearts in the palm of our hands. She would have my heart & I would have hers. Anytime during the day that she felt like she missed me or Daddy, she could hold the palm of her hand to her cheek and feel the love We have for her! We also kissed the palm as the Mother in the book Did! McKenna was REFRESHED and ready for a New Day! For now… there are NO more crying nights. Praise The Lord! I know, that (right now)we are not called to homeschool. I (we) have mixed emotions about the whole “homeschool” thing. We prayed & prayed about this, & just didn’t feel that was what God wanted for our family. So, we’ll wait on The Lord & see What He has in store for this Walker household! 😉
I just wanted to share this little story of McKenna.. .you never know when you might need “The Kissing Hand” book as an idea for your little one. And, that’s what Blogging is all about.. helping, loving & encouraging one another!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thursday!!!!


11 thoughts on “The Kissing Hand…”

  1. Wow! Eli and Sophia's preschool gave us hands at the preschool open house to decorate and bring to school on the first day. The teacher read The Kissing Hand and all of the children hung their decorated hands on the classroom wall.

  2. Such a good mommy! The Kissing Hand is a lovely book and helped our little Kai when he went to first day of pre-school. So sweet!
    Hugs to you~

  3. What a sweet story…we have never read this book..it's on my list now…You will know when homeschooling is right…I did it for two years and felt lead to send my boys back..but I will continue to pray about what is best for Lucy….Blessings~

  4. I love this!! What an awesome tool for attachment purposes too! Ooooh…so excited. Can't wait to get the book and start “kissing hands” around here.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Have to tell you that Katie Lyn just came in and is dying over your blog! She LOVES the look…and honey it IS happenin'! Your blog has got it goin' on! You are SO creative!
    We can't wait to wear our Halloween bows soon! FUN! We always think of you!

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