We’re better .. I think

Thank you so much for your prayers, comments and concern. We are much better..however, today… Faith out of now where.. strikes a FEVER! **sigh**

All of her blood work and test came back fine. She just simply has a VIRUS! OH.. how I hate a VIRUS!

I have Lysol-ed the house so dang much.. I think I’ve killed off McKenna’s GUPPIES! YIKES!

Yep, I’m in trouble for that! Sorry Kenna..Momma will buy some more! LOL!

OKay.. Soooo.. I caved tonight and watched the ABC special on Jon & Kate’s “Family Secret”!

I know.. I know.. Horrible that I would do such a thing! I think I just wanted to actually HEAR what he had to say. I thought I might get some closure.. but, Sadly.. NOPE.. NADA..
I got nuttin!

Other than……..

They both need our prayers! More importantly.. the children are going to need Prayers. I don’t know if they (JON & Kate) realize….that.. these kids are NOT going to just walk away from this… one day.. ALL of this “JUNK” will be there for them to see! .. Just watching.. their Parents spiral out of control!
SAD~Just sad.


1 thought on “We’re better .. I think”

  1. I watched it too…for the same reasons you did….boy these two have some issues to work out. Was it just me, or was his story COMPLETELY different from hers? I now wnder if they have ever met. LOL!

    Sounds like poor Faith can't get a break either….Hope she can turn the corner here soon!Hugs, Jill

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