Soccer Time!

This year for the first time… The little Walkers are trying soccer out! It started with McKenna wanting to do it & then Broughton decided HE wanted to! Matt is coaching McKenna’s team… (Yes! ..for those of you who KNOW Matt.. can you believe it?!) It is too funny! It’s funny because,.. Matt was a HS football coach for about 10 years!! The “chocolate chip” ball was NOT a sport for boys!! LOL!! When Broughton told his daddy that he Did NOT want to play football this year & that he wanted to play soccer… I held my breath…waiting for him to Nutt Up! But, Matt surprised me. He said, “If that is what you want to do,.. I’ll support you!”
I was so very proud of him! He is such a Great Dad! He was asked to coach a 4-5yr olds group & he accepted… knowing he knew nothing about soccer! LOL!! He is learning & he is so patient with the kids. McKenna is so excited that her Daddy is the coach! Last night was their first game. They both came home.. sweatin. .. but LOVING it!!! Looks like Soccer is a WINNER! Here are some pictures of the night!
Kenna ain’t scared!!!
Couldn’t she be a Gatoraide poster child?!
She’s telling me.. “I defensed him! Yep, I sure did Momma!” LOL!
Of course, with “Coach Walker” you always end in Prayer!!! To God be the Glory!!!
*I didn’t realize I did not have that many of Broughton.. there was a LOT more action at his game.. very fun!! McKenna & B-man played at the same time.. so it was difficult to get pics of both. I promise to post more of Broughton later.. to all. you Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas & Grandpas… Etc.. LOL!!


6 thoughts on “Soccer Time!”

  1. Way to go!! Great pictures.We tried soccor with allthree of the olderkids andit just didn't work out. My kids got yelled at for socializing on the field and picking flowers…LOL

  2. So much fun! Soccer is very popular in our area too and Francesca has been asking us to sign her up. I am thinking (since she is only 4) and telling her that when she turns 6 if she is still interested…she can play! BTW – love the photos!

  3. Annslee is doing soccer this year too. They didn't have enough for a U5 division so she is on a U6 team…her first time playing and the kids are two years older…Mommy hopes she does ok : )

    Love all the pics! Way to go Coach Daddy!

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