A Visit from Nana, Papa, & Mema!

We enjoyed having my Parents & my Grandmother..aka.. “Mema” come yesterday & spend the day with us. I cooked a special lunch for them. I tried a NEW recipe out! Oh, it was so Yummy. It was a Parmesan Cornflake Chicken! I know you’re thinking.. “cornflake?” The cornflake give the chicken that special “crunch” & it adds a little sweetness. My family loved it! They especially loved the peach cobbler & ice cream.. YUMMMM…..

You will notice on my menu plan that I was suppossed to have that Tues. night. Well, like I said,.. sometimes…. something will happen to change my plans! lol!

I love to cook & entertain. We don’t do enough of that because we are so busy. I plan on slowing down a bit once we get back into a routine when school starts back next week.

Thanks Mema, Nana, & Papa for coming to visit! We had a Great TIME! “Y’all come back now.. ya hear!” 🙂

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