Small Monogramed bags

Here is one of the monogramming projects that I have recently done. They are little personal hygiene bags. I originally planned on these bags to hold a child/adult toothbrush & toothpaste. However, when I made one for a friend of ours who is 13, she said she wanted to keep her hairbrush in it! Great IDEA Joy! Then I made one for her little sister and little brother & Clayton(her little bro) keeps his DS in his! So, really you could put anything in it.

You could also use it for this….

I will be selling these for $12.00 plus the monogramming.

These are made out of washcloths.. so whatever color you would like… I can make it!

I will be making more, so that you can see the different colors and fonts that I have. Right now, I’m working on initial fonts!

If you would like to place an order, email me @


*In your email, let me know what colors you are looking for.


3 thoughts on “Small Monogramed bags”

  1. Ummmm your nephew would love one please!!! :0) I could put his Qtips and small travel lotions and such in it!! You are SO creative big sissy! 😉

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