I got H…I…G…H… hopes…

Yep, that’s what I got for this week. Last week, after coming back home from vacation I had so much to do that I was a little overwhelmed. Here is just a high light of my week:

~ Faith started her First day of swimming lessons every morning for 6 straight days
~Faith had her first photo shoot.. (which turned out AWESOME!) I will share the photo site later!
~Picked peas on Monday afternoon until 9:00PM
~then.. shelled peas for the next 3 DAYS! I will add a THANK you to a Special M-I-L who helped do most of the work!
~Got a CRAZY “wild hair” and decided to buy 2 boxes of fresh tomatoes to put up… which was READY to do on Friday!
~My Papa had the unexpected surgery on Mon.. and then was released on Thurs. afternoon.. which meant.. I WANTED TO GO VISIT my Papa for the weekend!
~Left for Bax. on Friday (had to pack 3 kids, hubs and me)
~Came back on on Sat. night had to have a washing Frenzy cuz,.. We were ALL LOW on underwear! (yeah, I know.. might be TMI (too much info) but,.. HEY, its the TRUTH)
~Church on Sunday, Teach on Sunday night
~ One Big Grocery store trip cuz,.. we were also LOW on Grub!
Needless to say I’M TIRED! I also think I still had vacation brain! It takes awhile to get your mind back to the Grind! lol!

So. … this week! I got too..
~Finish re-designing a blog… or two
~Clean a Nasty, Bad HOUSE!
~catch up on some washing
~pick out some pictures from Faith’s photo shoot(which is gonna take hours!)
~finish up swimming lessons
~Get started on some monogramming projects (hope to have pictures for you too look at!)
~Make some bows for some special little girls
Oh! and how can I forget….
~Catch up on All my blogging buddies!!!!!!! I miss YALL!
And because I HAVE to share Pictures… here are a few from Faith’s 1st swim lesson! She is my little Mermaid! I love her so!!!


5 thoughts on “I got H…I…G…H… hopes…”

  1. Wow! That wore me out! I am ALMOST ready for school to start back. It seems that summer causes such a disruption to our typical, ordinary everyday lives. Then again, I dread carpool line in this heat that we have!

  2. Wow – you truly have been busy (and this week doesn't seem any much slower)!!! I know exactly where you are coming from…I feel like I haven't gotten a chance to really sit down and enjoy this summer at all – maybe when fall rolls around you & I will find more time (but I doubt it lol) Take care and enjoy with whatever time you can…

  3. Just wanted to drop by again and get you prepared that I am wanting another blog makeover! I know – you are going to kill me right lol! Just drop me a email when you have a chance – even if you want to do it after the summer. Just keep me in mind..

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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