The Big Catch & Crabbing

The men went fishing and look what Matt caught…

Fun.. fun.. I think he was just glad he didn’t hurl out at sea! lol!
The guys also enjoy hanging out and playing cards.. well,.. Dora The Explorer cards that is.

We are still here and having a ball! We have really enjoyed the beach! Here is our schedule:
-sleep as late as you want or as long as 5 kids will let you
breakfast..coffee for grown ups
-put on bathing suit
-go to beach
-come in for lunch
-back to beach or the pool

Don’tcha just LOVE it?!!! lol! I DO!
It was cloudy and overcast yesterday so we took the kids to Panama City & went to the movies! We saw the movie “Up” in 3D. It was so cute!

Here is what the kids love to do .. & can hardly wait for dusk. They get their flash lights, buckets & nets.. and they go crabbing. They shine the light on the ghost crabs and catch’em in the nets & let’me tell ya.. these little boogers and move FAST! But.. not as fast as me… I DO NOT.. “heart” them.. 😉

But secretly,.. the men love it more.. TEE HEE!!

** Please know that no crabs were hurt (at least.. not that we know of) during this crabbing episode.


8 thoughts on “The Big Catch & Crabbing”

  1. Keisha,
    We had used someone from Eastman for several yrs and our accountant here found that mistakes had been made for at least 3 yrs by them. So, we will send all of this in and then ask for a payment plan for about 60 months to hopefully get it paid off…in the meantime, how do you keep up with the current yr and yrs to come????
    We feel your pain, it is not fun at all to find out that you paid someone to do something correctly and they don't know what they are doing and YOU are the one to pay for it double plus penalties! AAGGHH!

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