Where to begin..????

Well,… first,…. I haven’t posted in while because I was in a blogging funk. You know… not much to post about…. posting on other blogs….. wondering why some people NEVER leave me a comment. Does this IRRITATE anyone besides me??!!!!!!!

I mean.. COME on.. If I saw you on the street and you spoke to me… the kind thing to do would be to speak back right? It would just be plain RUDE not to speak. Maybe it’s just me…

So, I sit around and wonder.. what did I do to _______ and ________ for them not to comment or anything over here? I visit another blog and go to comment & there they are.. commenting. So I think.. well, she is still blogging…and commenting.. just not with me.

I know what you may be thinking.. because it was my first thought too.. so do I blog just to hear & see other people comment on my blog?..

The answer is no.

When I started blogging,.. it was so that family could keep up with our progress with our adoption. I began to meet a lot of Great Friends.. and some not so great ones. Let just say if you think that the popularity contest only happens in the real world.. you’re wrong. It happens here in the blog world too! I have learned that not all people are going to like me and my views, my life, my pictures..

They’re just not.

They may not like me because of my social status. But you know what? I really don’t care. If you know me… you KNOW me & what I’m saying is true. Just like in real life.. I am so DONE with the whole “high school” attitude of some people. It’s really silly. It’s really silly that I even worried about that and I allowed that to keep me from blogging for awhile. That is exactly what the devil wants to happen, so that I don’t tell of GOD’s Goodness and Great things that happen in my life. That’s why I blog!

We’ve had VBS this week and I am leading the Worship time and Music. The theme of it all is.. “It all comes back to JESUS!” And.. really… it does… whatever I say and do.. here on this blog & in my daily life.. may it pleasing to HIM. That’s all that really matters.

So for those of you who sneak here and don’t comment.. “Sneak On” Sista or brotha. Maybe something that you see here will bring you back to loving Jesus and knowing what an Awesome God He really is.

*I would like to say Thank you to those of you of Do comment and who Do genuinely care about The Walker Household.

17 thoughts on “Where to begin..????”

  1. Oh Keisha…I feel the same way. It's so hard not to see other people commenting on other blogs and it makes you feel inferior or whatever. I have let it go. I blog so family can see pics of the kids and so that the friends I do have can follow our family. But, it is hard to wonder, whats wrong with me and am I not popular..ect. So high school. Anyway, well put. Love you girl!!

  2. Keisha, please do not allow yourself to go down that path and feel that way. I know sometimes it's hard not to, heck, even I do it from time to time. I just try to remind myself WHY I started this blog (b/c I STINK at scrapbooking!) I know that when I am really busy, I will read a lot of blogs, but only comment on the same few, ususally because they have children from Lucy's orphanage, or were in our travel group, etc. I mean no disrespect to anyone else.
    Glad to see you back! Keep your chin up!
    Hugs, Jill

  3. Very well said, sadly, this little bloggy world of ours can be a little high school. I appreciate that you always comment on my blog and hope you know that I love yours, too!

    The pool's going to be ready in about a week and a half, so come on down! I'll save ya a lounge chair! (as soon as I go buy some, that is) 🙂

  4. You make me laugh…I am the WORST about skimming and not commenting. We have had VBS this week too and am so tired! Hope your VBS has been great..can we get copies of your CD?

    Oh, and I know I've mentioned it before but I sometimes have problems commenting on here…I get an error message…could be just me though : )

  5. Oh Keisha…I hope you know how much I love and adore you! Sometimes I don't comment, but I check in on a lot of blogs using my blog-reader and so sometimes I comment, sometimes I don't. Your blog is one of my FAVES. I mean that.
    And BTW, I don't remember if I commented about those cute shirts below…but I really want to get one for my Hubei and Jiangxi gals, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna get to swing that right now or not. But I love the way you support your bloggy friends 100% and help out so much in so many ways. It inspires me.
    Lately I've been using my bloggy for a memory box…just writing things I never want to forget! I need to get it all made into a book like Buffi did; hers is awesome!
    Love you girl! I heard Orphans of God yesterday and thought of YOU and your beautiful voice! 😉

  6. Oh Keisha….it can get clicky around here….just like anywhere else. It is hard not to take things personal….but try not to let it get to you. I love your blog and visiting to see what you all are up to……

    I am usually a good commenter, but lately I have been way behind in my google reader and have skipped some days here and there…..it is a tough time of year….we are all busy, busy, busy!!

    Keep doing what you do and blog for you and no one else:)



  7. It's so funny that you brought this to light because I have been feeling the same way. I've been out of the blogging world for a bit dealing with some really personal issues and it's been kinda crazy thinking who even cares. I'm sorry you've been feeling the same way about the blogging thing. You'll always be one of my favorite bloggers! ~Rebecca

  8. Girl, I feel ya! Thanks for always commenting on my blog! I feel the same way, though. I always get excited when I sign on, hoping that someone's commented! When I don't get any, I feel kind of disappointed. But I've really missed hearing what's going on at the Walker household and I've missed seeing you guys on Wednesday nights. I still want to get together with you one day and we can let the kids play or whatever! Just got to get through VBS! Whew…I'm pooped! Anyway, I'll try to comment more! 🙂 I've had a lot of people tell me that they read my blog and enjoy it…but some of them aren't on Google or blogger, so they don't know how to comment! I had to walk my mom through it so she'd know how. Same with my aunt. So, that could be it, too! Anyway, talk to you soon! Love ya…Stace

  9. Big hug to you! As I read your words I found comfort in them because it is exactly how I have been feeling. I am sorry that you are hurting…. If it makes you feel better you are not alone.
    I am not always the best at commenting…. Time is so hard to come by. I do try but it seems like people just ride off into the sunset and you never hear from them again.
    It hurts when you feel you have created a genuine friendship with them.
    I want to say how much it meant to me that you did the post for my Isabella and the t-shirts I designed to help bring her home. Have only sold a few so far… but your kindness, support, encouragement and taking the time and effort to spread the word… well, I will be eternally grateful.
    God bless you new friend. Keep shining bright for Jesus!
    You sister in Chirst Jesus,

  10. Hi Keisha!

    My friend Daleea told me about your great post so I had to come over and read. Its so easy to get hurt feelings in bloggerville and I am often questioning why I allow myself to get SO hurt. I have also wondered who I may have unintentionally hurt. I didn't realize how rude it was not to reply to every comment until a friend of mine brought it to my attention. Since coming home from China I have been trying to be better about it…but I have to admit I did not do this during our fundraiser. I just did not have the time. If you have ever left me a comment and I did not comment back…I am so sorry. 🙂 By reading the comments it seems that many are feeling the same way. I appreciate your honesty. Perhaps it will cause some to step back and ponder.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Hey girl…I just LOVE your honesty. I have to admit…I feel the same way sometimes too…butI guess there are reasons. I try not to let it get to me…but it does. I SO hate that I had to go private with our family blog. I've been in hopes that my pearls of purpose blog would make up for my personal one going private…but it hasn't. I get lots of visits there…but not many comments. Oh well…I'm with you…I pray that God will speak through me some how to touch a life…change a life…or encourage a heart.

    I just love ya girl. I don't always comment….most of the time it's when you direct me to some one elses blog or stuff. I usually go look at what you're promoting…but I don't always comment about what you've said. Sorry that I don't always comment! Thanks for understanding!!!

    Sadie is having surgery in the morning. Pray for her. Hope you have a great weekend.
    Love ya,

  12. Keisha,

    Thank you so much for your {hug} and kind words regarding our travel delay! God definitely provides through people like you, as the outpouring of support we have received has truly been heartwarming and carries us through.

    God bless!!!


  13. Hey Chick!
    We loved the Boomerang Express! I taught VBS for the adults with special neeeds in our community. They had a blast!
    By the way, I LOVE the new, desperately needed makeover on my little blog. You are the best!!!
    Rebecca (I am never able to post a comment on your blog under my google account!)

  14. Awe, I completely understand how you feel. I hit a blogging funk the last few months, then we moved out of state, and it's hard to get around and comment on all my bloggy friends.

    We blog for US, nobody else. Comments are extra perks to brighten our day and we (bloggers) thrive on them, but when you've written your heart into a post, or posted beautiful pictures of the family, and you look back on that past a year later………… you remember it's all worth putting those thoughts and memories down on paper..uh..er… the computer screen.

    I don't know you well Keisha, but I'm sure glad to have met you here in this large blog universe.

    BTW, my children just finished up Boomerang Express at our new church in TX and sing the songs every day! We loved it!

  15. I am soooo far behind with blogging and even checking in on everyone! It has been forever! But I am hoping to get back into it and catch up on everyone. I love, love the pics of Faith at the beach. She is like Elijah, loving it! And the horse pics…Ivey was like McKenna at that age, loving the horses and wanting to take one home – now she has one! McKenna just needs to talk to her BigDaddy!!!

  16. Just recently found your blog…I'm the same way…hardly ever any comments. So I'm commenting to let you know who I am. Enjoyed your beach post above, too! Your daughter is darling!

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