The Root of Bitterness & Forgiveness

What does bitterness & forgiveness have to do with one another? Alot! We’ve all heard the phrase “root of bitterness”. After talking with a friend who shall remain Anon. I was listening to Anon say she could not forgive something that had happened to her. I was stunned,.. & to be honest.. I had not been in the word lately as I should have been, & didn’t know all the scripture to give her that spoke on Forgiveness. All I could say was … you can NOT let the root of bitterness settle in.. because it gives the devil a foothold in your life. Consider it a “door” for the devil to weasel his way into your life & deceive you into thinking things like …

“They don’t deserve your forgiveness.”
“What they did was UNforgiveable.”

Oh.. & how could I forget this one… ‘Jesus didn’t go through such.. & if He had…, He wouldn’t forgive them either.”

LIES.. I tell you! All a bunch on Bunk! whatever bunk is. lol!

So, after getting off the phone with her.. I began to read, pray,.. read,.. & pray some more. God impressed some SERIOUS truths on my heart that I wanted to share here for all my blogging buddies to read. What,.. you didn’t think I blogged just to show you my kids,.. my friends,… sewing projects,.. and such did you?… PshhhhhhhT! I also have been re-thinking this whole blogging thing. More on that later.. right now.. lets talk about the “root of bitterness”

I thought about this & for some reason.. I could NOT get the word “root” out of my head! It just so happened that I..WE .. the whole family had been cleaning up the yards (cuz we had company coming over.. remember.?) I was reminded of what a “root” does. It starts within the ground & when it is nourished by rain & sunlight.. it begins to grow… something. Sometimes it’s something beautiful like a Rose, & other times it’s something hideous like a weed! (hate those..don’t we all?)

When we first moved into Matt’s Grandmother’s house.. she had a well established yard. She was a GARDNER. That.. my friend.. is something I am not. Who has time for it? Over the years,.. most of her beautiful OLD roses are still around. In fact, there is NO telling just how old some of them are. They are strategically placed all around the yard. In places, where she could enjoy viewing.. and in other places where people passing by could enjoy them. In the back yard,.. we have this huge rose bush. It grows,.. & grows the prettiest foliage you have EVER seen. It’s very healthy… no black spots,.. not alot of aphids or bugs on it. There’s just one thing about this bush. It never.. NEVER.. blooms! Beats all I’ve ever seen. I think to myself,.. now HOW can it be so pretty..& healthy and NEVER bloom?!

As I got in the flower bed and inspected it a bit, I noticed that there was a vine, growing next to it & wrapping it self around that beautiful rose bush. I looked a little closer and noticed that the vine even had THORNS on it, like a rose! Un-believeable! But, guess what it didn’t have either? Yep, you guessed it. Not a bloom to be seen! I cut the vine down, but.. thought.. well, I’ll probably be cutting it down again in a few weeks, because I didn’t dig it up.

So, here I am.. fast forward to my studying time & the conversation I had with Anon & it hit me!! The “root of bitterness” is that vine! It even tried to look like a rose,.. but had no blooms. I believe the rose, once bloomed and flourished in this garden, but now it is being Choked out by this vine. Until, I go out there & dig the vine up, I don’t think this rose can ever bloom!

That is what the “root of bitterness” does in our lives. When we have unforgiveness in our heart & do not forgive others.. we allow the devil to come in & choke the BLOOMs out of our lives. We are to be fruit bearers, & bloom where we’re planted (where God has put us) If we are allowing that foothold of unforgiveness in our lives, we are letting the devil in & pushing God & His ways out of our lives.

That is why it’s called a “root” too because we are helping that bitterness grow, by keeping it in our lives. Isn’t it surprising to know that the vine.. resembled the rose bush? I’m reminded of the story in the Bible..in the beginning,. where the serpent appeared to Eve. It was just before she ate of the tree of life. The serpent deceived Eve into believing the lie of ..if she ate of the fruit she..
“..will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:4-5

We all know how that worked out.. now, don’t we?! Just like the vine resembling the rose bush.. the devil tries to make us believe that what he says is the truth & sometimes.. it may kind-of look like the truth. But, DO NOT be Deceived by the father of lies. he will ruin your life, and beautiful blooms will never grow. If you have bitterness & un-forgiveness in your life.. UP ROOT IT GIRLFRIEND!!! or BOYFRIEND..!! Don’t be deceived!

Here are a few facts about forgiveness that I learned… that I either didn’t know.. or never really thought about.: all below were taken from “Victory over the darkness” by Neil T. Anderson. If you are have spiritual warfare problems.. this is the book to read!!!

~Forgiving is not forgetting. Forgetting may be a long-term by-product of forgiving, but it is never a means to forgiveness.

~Forgiveness does not mean you must tolerate sin!

~Forgiveness does not seek revenge or demand repayment for offenses suffered.

~You don’t forgive others for their sake; you do it for your sake. (remember the root of bitterness)

~Forgiveness is required by GOD. (Matt. 6:14, 15)

~Forgiveness is necessary to avoid entrapment by Satan.

~Forgiveness is required by all believers who desire to be like Christ! (Eph. 4: 31,32)

Here is a picture for all who read this post & may you BLOOM where God has placed you in His Beautiful Garden!!!!! Don’t let the devil rob you of your blooms!

rose bush Pictures, Images and Photos

*Please pray for my friend Anon.. that she will discard that root, & learn to forgive others through Jesus, the most precious name of all!!


5 thoughts on “The Root of Bitterness & Forgiveness”

  1. Definitely words of wisdom my friend. I loved this post. What immediately surprised me was your line about “if Jesus had gone through this he wouldn't forgive.” OH MY WORD!! Jesus GAVE his life for us to forgive. What more love could you ask?


  2. As I was reading your post, all I could think about was a book that I read and a friend of mine did a day long counseling thing with me just to make sure there was nothing in my past or present that I had not dealt with that could hold me back in my relationship with God. Then, there was the title in your entry….Victory Over Darkness! The counseling session that goes with that is amazing! I was able to experience freedom from a lot of those “roots” that can grow that you may even be unaware of. Great post, Keisha! I'm so thankful that God is using you to declare His truth…and at the same time drawing you back to His Word and teaching you. What a good God He is!

  3. Keisha,
    You sound like me in your thinking. I have been asking God “what more can I do to see your kingdom go farther and deeper with you?” Well, I am asking God to use me through my blog and through people we are around everyday.
    I also had a very bad happening with my in-law's last year and wow, how it affects you. It was really bad and it hurt me really bad. Well, it has been over a year and I am just know realizing how much I have let the enemy root bitterness and unforgiveness. I have let it affect alot of things in my life. I am now asking God to heal my heart so I can let go and let God. It is a root and it has to be weeded out everyday in the word and in prayer to overcome. I am seeing victory in it but it is NOT easy and I pray that your friend can also let God weed this unforgiveness in her heart as well.
    What we don't see is what it affects in our daily lives. We just think about all the pain they caused us and how it hurt our feelings and how we think we can just move on when you really can't until we let God heal our hearts. Like I say this happened to me on Nov. 2, 2007 and I am just know at the point where I can look him in the eyes and have a conversation with him. He said some really hurtful things to me and I have gone to talk to my pastor about this and he said : you must forgive him, to move forward”. It is one of the hardest things we do but it is worth it.
    Thanks for encouraging us in God's word.

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