Before & Afters…

Remember a while back.. I said we were remodeling?… Well, that was in Feb. I think when we started! Yep, we are a little slow at finishing things around here. I think that is the one thing that drives me crazy about our life. We start something.. then.. a few months later.. we finish it. Why.. & Why do I get mad about that?.. I have nobody to be mad at except myself.. right?! lol!

Well, we finally put the finishing touches on our “sun porch”. I told Matt we should have people over MORE often.. we “Get’r Done” with unfinished projects!

I’m very proud of my table. I covered the chairs & painted them black when we moved in the house 3yrs. ago. But, I never picked out a table cloth. I wanted something that would go with the chairs and have a Ga. bulldog theme to it. So…I bought 2yard of red material Tues. for about $8. Then I cut the fabric down the middle.. & made 2 table runners. Then I took it to the monogram machine & made a “W” for Walker of course. πŸ˜‰ I didn’t have a lot of mo la so instead of buying more fabric for the place mats.. I bought some black shelf liner at Wal-mart for about $4 & cut out 4 place mats. The napkins inside the charger plates are actually leftover fabric from the chairs.

I purchased a black slip cover for this old couch and bought these ZEBRA print pillows.. WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I told Matt the next thing for this room will be my “zebra print” curtains! He said NO! Pshshhhhhhh…. yall just wait, oh,.. I’m gonna do it! lol!
I certainly need more pillows for the couch, so I’m on the look for more. This is an entertainment center that we’ve had since we got married. Matt wants to paint it black. I’m a little hesitant. It’s solid oak.. & it truly is a beautiful piece. I like the black pieces with the antique look.. but..?? What do you guys think?
Should we paint it black?


4 thoughts on “Before & Afters…”

  1. Wow! Looks awesome. I LOVE the table and couch. As to the E.C….I think it looks great in oak color. ME? I wouldn't change it. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, that all looks great!!! Y'all did a lovely job. I think the entertainment center is gorgeous as is, but a lovely distressed black would really make it pop against that wall. πŸ™‚

  3. You did a great job….it was worth the wait, because it all looks fantastic!! I think the entertainment center would look really great in a distressed black….but that is just me, If I showed you pics of the inside of my house, you would know why I chose black……The entertainment center in my family room is black and all my furniture in the dining room and office is distressed black too!!

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