What I feel about Jon & Kate +8..

Many people that know me… know that I love, LOVE watching Jon & Kate +8. My children LOVE watching them &... I even get Matt in on the action too from time to time! 😉 However, last night.. was a very sad episode. To see what they’ve become. It’s awful. Do you remember the day (episodes) when Kate had to have Jon take her out & help pick out her clothes because she didn’t have a clue as to what looked great together?? Remember the episodes when they did fun stuff together.. & they talked to “each other” as if the camera’s were just rolling in the background.. ?

Now, it seems that they (Kate) have to give US (ME) you,.. TV land.. a story, an episode, to watch so we can enjoy them & so that.. they can get money to pay for their new lifestyles. Between Jon & his fancy new ride & Kate & her tan, nails, makeup, hair. GEESH! All I have to say is… Hey, you didn’t start of the show with all this extra STUFF! I know that “stuff” is NOT what got your ratings up! I loved the show because, Kate had some great money savings tips & I was amazed at how they worked together to keep their family going & still make time for each other. I loved the fun episodes where they did simple things.. like just going on a picnic together.

I am NOT going to blame everything on Jon & I certainly AM NOT going to blame everything on Kate. I feel that they both need counseling.. Together. To work this work. FOR THE KIDS! For once.. i wished they would OPEN their eyes! Pull the DARN plug on the show. I haven’t heard Kate say yet that she would quit the show to save the marriage. I have heard them both.. “with their priorities out of whack” say my kids are what matter.. “I’m in it for the kids”.
First off, I don’t care how many kids you have… your relationship with your HUSBAND/WIFE… should come before your relationship with your kids. PERIOD. That is how GOD designed it. Yes, it’s hard to do, But, we have to make time for each other. Let, me just say .. I would hate for the cameras to follow me & Matt around for even a week. Our house is NOT by any means “Perfect”. But, I haven’t signed up for such a thing… & neither has Matt. My question to Jon & Kate is.. Why are you so mad at the paparazzi & people for scrutinizing your every move… when YOU HAVE allowed people to watch your EVERY MOVE? That’s like asking for a piece of cake… and then getting mad at that person for giving it to you! It makes no sense. If you want it all to stop…. you have the power to do so, don’t sign another contract!
My hope is that they can get it together “for the sake of their marriage” get the counseling that they need (without the cameras rolling.. because that’s nobodies business). Take a season off to get their family back together. Re-claim their lives as a Christian family & don’t compromise their faith.

I too am a watcher of “Eighteen and counting”. They have NOT comprisized their faith not once!! They still get their clothes from Good Will for heaven’s sake & guess what.. they do all that so that they can GIVE back to God’s people. I watched an episode not too long ago where they went on a mission trip. It was great to see their kids helping and giving back to a community that so desperately needed help & to see them huddle together and pray with those families.. Touched my heart. That is what I want to be watching… someone who is giving back.

Sadly,..I will NOT be watching Jon & Kate anymore. Just because,.. I feel like,.. by me watching it.. it’s like reading a tabloid. It’s like watching all of those other “reality” shows that have ALOT of “drama”. There is enough drama in the world…just here around us in our own hometowns. I’m sure you can relate. I just refuse to be apart of something that I don’t agree with, & I don’t agree with either of their actions. I think they both are making very poor decisions. I will DEFINITELY continue to pray for their family, & hope that they choose to put God first in their marriage.. then each other, then the children.


9 thoughts on “What I feel about Jon & Kate +8..”

  1. I loved the show when they were really Jon and Kate, now they have both (especially Kate with the hair, nails, tan – as you mentioned) become different people.

    I WHOLEHEARTILY agree that your marriage comes before your children. AMEN!

    It was a very sad show and I, too, hope that TLC pulls the plug, but then, how are they going to pay for the 2 million dollar house?

  2. I totally agree!! I cried after watching last nights show. It was really sad just seeing what they have become. I think they should pull the plug too. Nothing is worth that…no amount of money, nothing!!

  3. Hey Keisha…this is a great reminder of what REALLY matters. We don’t have cable but I’ve watched the show a few times and I’ve always enjoyed it. I don’t have a clue what the show was about last night. But what I do know is that you are exactly right…our husbands are first! Many times I get that out of whack, and the Lord is so gracious to remind me of that!
    Great post!
    Love you!

  4. I totally agree with you. They have gotten their priorities all out of wack! Too many couples today put their total focus on their kids. When that is ALL WRONG!!!! Our spouses come before our kids. I pray that someone can get that truth out and that all kinds of marriages on the verge of divorce can see what they are doing WRONG!!! The show was very sad…but I believe they will do the right thing. It has to be hard…because absolutely every mistake they make is publicized and everyone has their own opinions. I pray that they will turn to our Lord for restoration, forgiveness and freedom…so HE will get the glory on the other side of this situation. I SO know that God wants to take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it around for good. I’m praying for them that this will happen. They both should get their eyes off of themselves and onto the ONE who can bring them freedom. My prayers definitely go to them! Thanks for the post!
    Love ya,

  5. I feel pretty disappointed about the whole thing. I’m not a big fan…I watch Little People Big World. I hope it works out for J and K though, they have a lot depending on them.

  6. I 100% agree with you! I loved LOVED loved their show! I loved how they made it work – with what they had nad where they were living! In my opinion – I think Kate has changed A LOT! I think – too much was just handed to them…like all those trips, clothes, surgeries, and gifts…for them to keep it real!

    I didn’t watch the show last night – and I don’t plan on watching it again for a really long time…

  7. I don’t have that channel but I’ve seen the show a few times and thought it was so neat. I’ve been very sad to hear all that’s going on with them. My mom told me briefly what the show was about last night and my first thought was…they need to stop! Kate loves it and Jon hates it. Marriage is not all about what you want as an individual…it’s about what’s best as a unit of one…the two have become one. I hope they work it out. I totally agree with what you said. I think it’s good not to support it, too. We’ll have to just pray for them. God can change it…even it means no Jon and Kate+8 on tv.

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