Friends, Meet Stacey! I’m so very excited to introduce her to you, because,…… I ACTUALLY Know her personally! lol!! No offense to those blog friends that I haven’t met yet. Stacey & I go to church together, & it has been a GREAT JOY to getting to know Stacey better. She is a very VERY talented young woman who is a Mother to 2, a Crafter (like me!), a musician, & has a heart for GOD and for Missions. She used to be a Missionary in Thailand! She & I have giggled & talked about how “we’re going on a mission trip… one day!.” Hey, you NEVER know! We just might, if it’s in God’s will & I can’t think of anybody else I would rather go with!

Stacey wanted a “travel theme” (cuz,.. she’s missions minded & knows the meaning of.. this is not our home.. our home is in Heaven!! We are just passing through!! Praise The Lord!!!)

Please go check out her blog, give her a Kind Welcome to Blog Land & Be sure to bookmark her site! She has some AWESOME ideas & recipes & all sorts of Good Stuff!!!

Welcome Stacey!! I’m glad your blogging now! 😉


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