They’re IN!!!

Yep! The CD’s that our choir worked on are HERE!! We worked so hard on this & it is SO rewarding to hear it.. FINALLY after all our hard work! We had a celebration party on Sat. night & some shared how God had worked ALREADY with people listening to these Cd’s! It was Amazing! We all cried Tears of Joy & we are So very proud and Honored that God would use us in a Mighty & Awesome Way!!
I must say.. it was awkward … when I first stepped up to the mic that day… but, as I got into the music.. I just KNEW that this is what God wants me to do! Whether I do it on a small scale or large scale.. it DOES NOT matter to me!! I want to GLORIFY HIS NAME in Whatever it is that He chooses to do in my life!! And, with that.. I will be Happy & Satisfied!!! I praise Him for the opportunity that He placed before me & ask that you will continue to pray for me!!!
Also, please pray that these Cd’s will minister to ALL who hear them!! If you would like a copy of the CD… let me know,.. & I will do my best to get one to you. They are Going FAST & we are going to HAVE to order more!! We are not charging anything for these, but we are taking any donations if you would like to give. You can contact me through my profile page & I will reply back to you asking for your address.
Thanks, & I hope you all have a FABULOUS week!!!!
Turn up your Speakers!!!

6 thoughts on “They’re IN!!!”

  1. GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am bawling! You have a voice from Heaven! I listened and it sent me straight to the Throne…how beautiful. It makes me long for Heaven even more…imagine the worship!
    If I had known you had a voice like that, I would have made you sing for me in Milo’s!
    Love you!

  2. Keisha……….is that you doing the solo???

    Whoever it is ……that was absolutely beautiful! Very moving! I MUST have a copy!!!

    Y’all are awesome! I know you must be so proud!
    I love love love it! Who wrote that song?

    Love ya,

  3. Keisha,
    I am Jill’s SIL and she told me about the CD your choir did. It is beautiful, I would love a copy of it and would love to make a donation for it. Just let me know what I need to do. Thank you and God Bless.

  4. Oh how I miss hearing you sing! Your voice is so smooth and your heart just makes it such a blessing!! Love and miss you. I would love to have a copy if there are any left. PS. I still need to send you the $$ for the gifts…email me and let me know how much!

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