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Deviled Eggs Anyone???…

McKenna learned something new this past weekend from her Aunt Headdy. Of the many Great memories that Heather & I have about our Mema, the one we will never forget is going to her house on Easter. The WHOLE fam would gather at her house & have an Egg Hunt (with REAL EGGS…I don’t think plastic eggs had even came into the picture yet…??.. Yeah, I’m old!) why are you laughing…if you remember that time.. you’re old TOO! πŸ˜‰

Anyway.. after our egg hunt, we would see who got the most eggs, then all the eggs would be gathered up, peeled, (this was my favorite, because we would all run around cracking hard-boiled eggs on our cousins heads! ) Then, all the ladies would get in the kitchen & make an egg salad. We would all eat egg-salad sandwiches for dinner. Ahh,… those were the good ole’ days! lol!

My sister OFFICIALLY passed on the tradition to my kiddo’s Sunday!! McKenna LOVED, LOVED it!! She loved it SO much, that she remembered every step in making the egg salad & deviled eggs & she insisted on making it yesterday! She got out the mayo and put one HEAPING spoonful of mayo in the eggs. I proceeded to put away the mayo & she YELLED.. NO Momma!! Aunt Headdy said we needed 2 spoonfuls of mayo!!! (that’s my girl, we love some mayo!)

The finished product!!


4 thoughts on “Deviled Eggs Anyone???…”

  1. You are making me so hungry! πŸ˜‰
    And as for all that Easter candy…it’s still hanging around and I cannot fight it! I think I’m gonna have to trash it!
    Loved your facebook/marriage post, girl!

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