Opening Day of Baseball!

Saturday was opening day here for all rec. league baseball teams. We had a special ceremony, and Matt was asked to open us up in prayer. (Sorry, too many people & my photos turned out fuzzy!…Bummer) Here is a picture of Broughton’s team praying before their game. Thank you Lord for a Christian Coach who prays before Every game!!

Here is Brougthon warming up!

Go Nationals!!

This is my good friend Patricia & her daughter Bethany! Isn’t she the cutest ever with those piggy tails?!!!! Patricia also goes to church with us. Bethany is another “China girl” in our church.
Here are the Team Cheerleaders!! Aren’t they sweet!!

Our boy is growing up. Look at how serious he is! This year he is alot more “aware” of the game and what is going on. Gran said.. “He’s growing up.”
I remember the days when the ball came to him and he just held on to it.. smiling.. and holding up as if he was saying…”look Mom, I caught it!“… **sigh**
Now, he turns it around and throws it to where it’s suppossed to go. “sniff” “sniff”.. Is it normal to cry about this.. or should I consider seeing a professional about this type of emotion?.. I mean really… All this time.. we push & we push and we want him to learn what to do in the game & now he gets it.. and I miss the days when he didn’t know…
Is that crazy or what?! But, you know what…. after the play is over… I see him look over to where I am or Matt…to see if we approve. I scream and holler like a PROUD MOMMA should! TEE HEE!!!! I love it! Yes, Baseball season is HERE!!!

Good Game..Good Game..!!

Oh!! …& ….WE WON!!! YEAH!!!


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