Prayers for Stellan

I wouldn’t say that I’ve been a frequent “follower” of MckMama’s Blog, But, I have lurked a bit.. left a few comments here and there over the last year or so. She is an incrediable Mother of 4, Photographer, and Lover of Jesus…. giving Him the much needed glory and honor! She was told her 4th child “Stellan” would never make it ..out of her womb… Well, he did ..& has been fine.. until recently being hospitalized. She has a HUGE, HUGE list of followers.. & over 200,00 hits to her blog in just this week alone.!! I can’t even fathom.

Today.. I want to encourage you to GO READ her story. Stellan’s Story… or should I say.. God’s Story.

It IS an emotional Roller Coaster ride! I’m not even Stellan’s mother.. & I’m a mess just reading his story! ~sigh~
Stellan is in the hospital right now, and he needs our prayers BIG TIME & his mommy needs REST! Please .. whisper a sweet prayer to our Heavenly Father whenever you get a chance today! Believe me, God NEVER tires of hearing from His children!!
Seriously.. I might just become an EVERYDAY reader to this BLOG!


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  1. Keisha…This is so amazing…God is Grand and if we are only willing he will mak eus able! I am totally in love w/ a man other than my husband and his name is Jesus..A voice is what i will be to this dry and barren land…his voice is to be heard in his creation and I decree and declare to be Loud for him …preparing the way of the Lord in the wilderness,…my husband and I are Elders at our church and I do worship dance and he also plays the bass ..my middle son plays the kongas …we love the Lord and are about his buisness and I’m blessed to have read your blog..it has truly touched my heart!In His Unfailing Love,Kim Poole Tomberlin

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