God teaching me learning

Prayer & Praise!

Praise: (Because they come first!) πŸ˜‰ Our Church Choir will be recording this Thursday & Friday!

Let me tell ya a God thing.. you gotta a minute..??

Matt & I had been members at his home church since moving to Eastman over 5years ago. We knew most everyone there (then again…. we were mostly all related!lol!) We made some AWESOME relationships there and we were really torn when God spoke to us and moved us from that church! It was a VERY hard thing to do. Not a hard decision however, because when God speaks… we do, out of respect, obedience and love for Him!

Before leaving I had been approached many times with the question of “Have you ever thought about cutting a demo?” I heard it ALOT, & Always just smiled, blew it off & said.. oh, how sweet. Boosted my confidence by a mile. It wasn’t until God started moving & laying on my heart that.. “I really should!” I began to pray that God would open the doors that needed to be opened & if it were truly HIS plan,.. that it would come to Me & I would know.

Then, God moved us from the church,.. to where.. we had NO clue! Little scary.,,, intimidating.., awkward.. ETC… ETC… ETC! Then, God confirmed to us one day.. where it would be. We joined First Baptist Church of Eastman & I.. JOINED the choir! Praise God! I love the choir! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I had not been a part of a choir in months & I was really.., REALLY.. missing it! A few weeks after joining our Choir director tells us that we would be RECORDING!!! YES, cutting a record, demo.. WHAT-EV.., I couldn’t believe it! I went home crying with excitement and came in telling Matt the “GOD.. good NEWS”!! I knew God had answered my prayers.. this was the DOOR that was being opened RIGHT before my eyes!!!!

A few weeks later, we had our Weekly Sunday night $1 offering & the money was going to Phillip Hayden foundation. There are 3 China adoptive families in our church & we were each asked to give our testimony one Sun. night. We agreed & spoke & I sang “Orphans of God”. (Love, Avalon..love them!) After singing, that next week.. my choir director approached me & said.. “Keisha, I had never heard that song before.. I loved it!!” I thanked him and went on. Then,.. a few weeks later.. he came to me & said.. “I received a list of songs that we could have rights to sing & guess what song was on it?…

….Me, looking like the Deer in headlights.. said.. “WHAT?!”

Orphans of God! He said!

Wow! I said!

Yep, .. And.. hum.. I want you to sing it! : He said!

Me.. looking like the Deer in headlights.. AGAIN.. said..”WHAT?!”


So.. fast forward… I said okay.. told Matt.. crying.. BIG smile on my face.. because.. ONCE again God was opening doors!

PRAYER WORKS, PEOPLE!!!!!! Just in case I didn’t ALREADY know it, by adopting Faith.. now, here God is Showing out AGAIN!!!

Prayer: Please remember us in prayer this Thursday & Friday night.. & me at 1:00pm Thurs. for my solo!!!! This gentleman is from Nashville, TN.. & has worked with some very respected singers.. &….I’m a bit nervous!!! Just a tad!


5 thoughts on “Prayer & Praise!”

  1. Oh Keisha praise the Lord! This is SO exciting and I know He will gain MUCH GLORY from your beautiful voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Can we have a video of it? I’ve never heard you sing! πŸ˜‰ It would bless us all!

  2. AWESOME GIRL!! I’m SO excited for you! You’ll do great!!! It is SO MUCH fun recording. We have a studio at our church and OH…when I go back there…WOW…that’s when I’m dreamin girl!!! So…I am BLESSED to hear that God is being faithful to your dream and desire. I pray that the Lord provides me with more opportunities and shows me that i’m not too old. I feel like i’m “past my prime” not one of the “cool” ones anymore. It’s a YUCKY place to be…but I know that God is faithful! Thanks for sharing your story of his faithfulness to your dream!!! πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!Love ya,Buffi

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