Our Road Trip to Aunt Heady’s!

Yep, it was HIGH time to see my nephew!! I miss him so much and he is growing up tooo fast!! I am very fortunate to live about an hour from my little sis, so it’s a nice day trip. We were up early (for a Sat. morn) and off to see Aunt Heather, Uncle Bryan & Eli. We had sooo much fun.. & my Momma & Daddy couldn’t stand it.. they CAME too!! lol! Heather & Bryan bought the kids kite’s and we each had a turn at flying them! Heather says it was the best FUN for $3! I will agree! It was nice to spend some much needed time with family. Just wasn’t long enough!! Don’t worry Aunt Heady… it’s your turn to come here next..???
Be sure and READ THIS STORY if you haven’t already!! It is Awesome! And, be sure and pray for my friend Ohilda and her son. He’s been in the hospital now for awhile and I am desperately praying for good news & for them to be able to come home!!! Please join me in prayer for this supper sweet family! Thanks! Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend. I gotta run.. got friends coming for lunch.. & stay tuned for pics of my other nephews… they are headed into town from Ten.. I haven’t seen them since the SUMMER!!!!!! YAY!!! I can’t wait to see them too!

1 thought on “Our Road Trip to Aunt Heady’s!”

  1. LOVE the slide show…and that music too!!! It’s such feel good music!!! I can’t believe how big your nephew is! WOW!!! Time sure does fly!!! It looks like you guys had a great time!! Thanks for sharing!!! Have a wonderful weekend!Love ya,Buffi

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