I did it!

I got the cut…

The “Kate” cut!

& I’m loving it!!!

I was nervous.. because I’ve never had my hair cut this short before.. EVER. lol! I love it!

Anyway, here are some pictures from our trip to the RODEO! YEE-HAW! We had a ball! Faith took one look at the “pink” cowgirl hat and said “I want dat one.” LOL! She was too cute!! The cutest Chinese Cowgirl you’ve ever seen!

McKenna loved the show & loves her new J*Brothers t-shirt that she got with her name on it! Written in PINK” no less!
And, Broughton got his light up sword & a pop gun. That’s my little man.. loves a gun & a sword!
BTW: He has gotten his hair cut too since this pic! lol!
One thing’s for sure… I will not be doing any of this..when I grow up!

13 thoughts on “I did it!”

  1. Love the haircut girl!!! It looks SO GOOD!!! Looks like you had a great time at the rodeo too!!! We had snow this morning. It would have been great if I wasn’t throwing up!!! UGH. I so pray that no one else gets this. IT’s horrible!!!! I remember when you guys had it. I hope the germs stay with me only. Hopefully I’m about over it. I’ve been throwing up since 7:30 this morning. WOW…..Hopefully it’ll be done with soon! Thanks for sharing your pix! LOVE the hair!! Love ya,Buffi

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