I’ve been awarded!

My sweet friend Nicole at The Baker’s Sweets gave this award to me. And,.. Nicole you gave this at just the right time. It made my day! Thank you!

Now, I must follow the rules:
I must list 5 FAB things that I LOVE and pass the award along….

************ DRUM ROLL** PLEASE******************
1) I LOVE Nice HOT Bubble Baths!
2) I LOVE to Sing to the Lord!
3) I LOVE re-designing blogs!
4) I LOVE ALL Crafts! I just love to create things.
5) I LOVE my FAMILY & Spending time with them!
Okay! Now I pass this on to…
…. it didn’t say how many I was suppossed to pass this on to.. SO.. TAG Y’all! LOL!

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