For HEAVEN’s Sakes!!!!

Would somebody pleazzeee…………

Okay, so I know that I will be living with this for the Rest of my days.. but Lord.. NOW?

This morning I was on the phone & I heard the awl fullest fright..

“MOM%^^&*^&*MMAAA!!” ~McKenna


“No… Day Mine”~ Faith

“MOMNM#$%#$^MMAA” ~McKenna

(I kindly tell my friend on the phone.. sorry.. gotta run!)

Turns out.. Matt put the socks in the WRONG drawer, but,.. to his defense … these POOR DIRTY, . socks.. are TOO little for McKenna. They really need to be tossed! LOL!

You would have thought that it was the END of the WORLD, because Faith had McKenna’s socks! UGH!! DRAMA.. HONEY… DRAMA.. ALL THE TIME! lol!

So, I was doing some shopping this morning. … & I LOVE all things Etsy! Etsy sells homemade items by fab. designers.. many of them SAHM. You might remember I (once upon a time) had my own shop there. I love to check out the new designers. This morning I found the CUTEST CUTEST socks ever!! You Adoptive moms are gonna love these. They are so stinking cute!!
Click here to see what I’m ordering for my Gals! Have a great Thursday!!!!


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