There is a reason for my lack of post these last few days.. & for me not leaving comments to some very dear friends.
But, first let me be honest. I have a really hard time asking for prayer for myself. Does anybody else out there struggle with this besides me?… Most of the time I feel like my own prayers are just small insignificant things that when compared to someone else’s problems they are so small. And then.. POOF, just like that.. I never ask for prayer or mention them to anybody again. Isn’t that terrible? ~sigh~ How is God to EVER be Glorified if I choose NOT to tell of His Work?!
Five years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I have lived with it for 9 yrs. now.. but have only been diagnosed for 5. I don’t share it with many people. It just doesn’t come up in conversation.. “Oh, by the way.. I have Crohn’s Disease.” LOL! See, not a great conversation starter…! Most people don’t even know what it is.. & I’d venture to say that most people may even be thinking that it’s something.. CONTAGIOUS! πŸ™‚ Well, it’s not.
God has been with me every step of this journey and has NOT left my side. I have difficult days but NONE like I had on Thursday. Matt & I were off to a VERY busy week with FCA. I was right in the middle of it all.. plus,.. thinking ahead of an up & coming Banquet next week. Me trying to maintain.. LIFE as a Mom, Wife, Admin. Assit., a faithful blogger.. πŸ™‚ , .. etc. etc.. it Hit me. I WAS STRESSED! And, because Crohn’s & Stress is NOT a good combination.. I ended up in the Emergency Room Thursday afternoon! My Doctor was on Vacation & I was in contact with his nurse who.. recommended me to go to the ER. I have NEVER been to the ER.. except when I was having my babies.. (does that count?) I was soo afraid .. I was expecting the worse.. but Praise GOD!! I had no blockages & was sent home with Strong Antibiotics, Prednisone, Pain meds.. etc.etc.etc.
I said all that to say this.. please pray for me and my continued healing. God is seeing me through these difficult days & I am feeling better every day. I’m sorry to some of you who.. I haven’t really commented on your blogs,.. or posted a whole lot here. Life has been a little hectic here at The Walker Household. I sometimes.. give off the misconception that everything is A-okay here… when really. .. we have are problems, disappointments, Dr. appointments,..strong willed kids! (GRR) that I’ll choose to talk about at a later time.. ~sigh~
Life! Really……………. Just …….everyday…….. Life.
And, sometimes,.. I forget to give God all the Praise & Glory during those hectic times.. & just choose not to ask for prayer.. or act like anything is wrong.
Can anybody relate with me?.. I don’t know.. maybe it’s just me?

I look forward to catching up on some bloggy reads and I have some blogs to re-design (which is very therapeutic for me). lol! Hope you all have a Wonderful Week!


15 thoughts on “Prayers…”

  1. OH Keisha! you poor thing. I know how awful it is…..being a fellow ‘Crohnie’ and all. IT is truly a horrible/scary thing to deal with at times. KNOW that I will be praying for you! I am glad that you are on meds and on the mend. Big hugs to you my friend~

  2. Oh Keisha, I’m so sorry you’ve been sick! I know exactly what you mean, why is it that super-women (like ourselves, LOL), feel that we have to be the ones supporting others, but have such a difficult time asking for support for ourselves. Maybe we see it as a sign of weakness? I don’t know, but I do know how you feel.You will definitely be in my prayers girl! Take good care of yourself and get better soon! HUGS!!

  3. Oh Girl!I do know how you feel! Please know that this is completely normal, and that I for one do not expect you to be happy and peppy all the time!PLEASE take care of yourself, and know that I will be thinking about you and praaying for you….Big Hugs ((((())))))Jill

  4. I am definately sending up some prayers on your behalf. I’m sorry to hear that you have been going through a rough patch. I have seen such good come through blogs since I have been a “follower” (or should I say “stalker”). I firmly believe that blogs can be a very good resource for the kingdom of God. Please continue to share and we, your followers, are honored to pray for you.

  5. Keisha,Thanks for visiting My Sippy Cup Runneth Over today. I completely understand what you were saying about mean girls. It’s worse when they are mean BLOGGER girls. Bless their little hearts! lolI’m also glad to have discovered your blog over here. It’s so great to see other Christian women bloggin. I’ll be lifting you up in prayer after reading your post and make sure to stalk I mean follow your blog to keep up with how you’re feeling. πŸ™‚

  6. Hey girl…I am SO SORRY to hear about what you’ve been going through. GIRL…it is SO important to just be real and let it all hang out!! πŸ™‚ That’s what we’re here for each other for!! I’m praying for you and I believe God for a miracle healing for you. Mark was healed from a kidney disease when he was younger and I TOTALLY know that God can do it!!! Hang in there and lift up your head!! You know where your help comes from!!! I hope that I can encourage you in some way!!! Thanks for being open!!! Keep us posted on how your doing! Gotta run!!! I hope you have a good week this week!Love ya,Buffi

  7. Oh girl….you poor thing!! I have a very good friend who has the same thing and I no it is no picnic in the park… take care of yourself and try not to overdo it, like we Moms often do!!Sending hugs and prayers for good health,Lisa

  8. Keisha,I had no idea. I will definitely pray for you.I wanted you to know that I was so happy to actually receive some of your bows! One of the ladies in the bow exchange ordered some of your darling bows for me and I love them!

  9. Keisha, I ‘m sorry to hear that your Crohn’s is bad right now. I pray that you will be feeling much better very soon! It is really very difficult for everyone when Mommy/wife is down…there is just no time for that! I hope you are feeling better quickly!Love ya girl!

  10. Oh sweetie…so sorry you have been dealing with this. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to pray for you!! One of my good friends has this too and it can be so debilitating at times… Know that we are thinking of you and hoping the healing comes!Love you girl!!

  11. Keisha,Please know that I am praying for you. As hard as it is for me, we (Moms) MUST take it easy on ourselves. God didn’t create us to be able to do it all or be it all. We need help and need to be able to rely on others, especially Him.I think one problem that most women have is comparing themselves to everyone else. Obviously, all you are going to see is how “perfect” everyone else is when in reality noone is perfect. Take it easy, take care of yourself and get well. Again, I’m praying, my friend.In Him,E

  12. Keisha,I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. I, too, have a friend with Crohns and it is just plain no fun.It is always hard to ask for prayer for yourself, but girl, I do it when I need it. I believe in the power of prayer. If we don’t put it out there, then prayer warriors aren’t aware! ALWAYS send me a request to pray for you, your kids, friends, etc…and I will!Hang in there, girl!

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