The time has come..

Remember those cut-backs I was talking about a few post ago…

Well, ..after looking at our finances I decided there were a few places we could cut,.. & ..Sadly, one of those places was my Hairbow site. It just didn’t make sense, with the few orders that I had, to keep paying for the website each month. Also, several months back my husband needed (BADLY) an Administrative Assistant for the ministry. I jumped at the chance to help him out. With Banquets, camps, & events going on…we have a VERY BUSY road ahead of us and really.. my days seem to NOT have enough time in them lately. My kids need me, my husband needs me, this ministry needs me, and God has spoken! So, with that,.. I am cutting back some things in my life… trying to Simplify..so to speak.
I will keep the Reignbow Princess blog & re-vamp it at a later time. Right now, I plan to Still sell bows locally & to my bloggy buds who have supported me over this past year. Thank you to everyone who purchased bows, prayed for me in this business, & recommended me to your friends! I won’t forget it!
*The site will remain open until the end of the month, then if you ladies need anything.. just email me or check for updates on “The Blog”.

2 thoughts on “The time has come..”

  1. Holy poop I didn’t even realize that you did bows!! How did I miss this?? I am, for the lack of a better word, a “bow w*hore”. Do tell my friend!!Sorry I missed this!!!!

  2. don’t you hate having to make cut backs?!? I totally understand though!!! I think the blog is just as good!! No need to pay for a website!! You’ll do fine without it!!! How wonderful to be able to help your hubby at work!!! One day…I hope Mark goes back into full time ministry and I can be his administrative assistant. That’s one thing I miss with him being in “secular” work. In ministry…we were able to do it all together!!! Hope yall have a great week!Love ya,Buffi

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