THANK YOU Hallmark!

Sit down.. you’ve gotta hear this. Okay, so remember my post on the Hallmark commercial below?? Well, listen.. you NEVER know who is reading your blog. I got an email from a VERY sweet lady who works in the public affairs and communications department of HALLMARK! She relayed to me that the commercial was intended to show that “love can be expressed in a number of creative, economical and heartfelt ways, including Mom’s voice in a valentine.”
She said that these commercials were tested before they aired.. including mothers. These consumers she said were favorable.. so they appreciated hearing the different point of views like that of my blog post.

She also went on to say …
With this new perspective from you and others we have decided to stop airing the advertisement. Please understand that it will take time to fully remove the commercial from the air. But know that we have begun contacting the multiple media outlets that are scheduled to broadcast this advertisement and are working as expeditiously as possible. Hallmark is about helping people connect. We are continually learning about the intricacies of these connections, and your perspective will help us to look at this differently in the future.

My mouth was wide open.. when I read this! I was first.. very thankful.. and second…very humble. I struggled with my reply to her… other than …Thank you!

Ladies, there have been many times when I’ve pondered going private with my blog. And, I can gratefully say this is a time when I was very glad that I wasn’t private. Our voices were HEARD and UNDERSTOOD. AND, because of our comments of “concern”(not BASHING.. because that is important NOT to do) Hallmark listened and decided to pull it. That is service. Thank you Hallmark! I will never forget your concern. There will be no boycott from this ol’e girl. And, thank you ladies for your comments… they do make a difference!


9 thoughts on “THANK YOU Hallmark!”

  1. Wow, that is really cool! I am also thankful that Hallmark responded to your concerns in a positive way. It is really important not to bash, it is usually received with a much better perspective. I am thankful that Hallmark does hear even small voices and responds in a positive manner. Thanks Keisha and Hallmark!

  2. Wow!! HOW COOL!!! Way to go girl!!! Yes…I still have regrets in some ways about going private. I really didn’t want to. But I had already given out SO MUCH personal information that made me feel that my family was vulnerable. I just didn’t want to worry about it anymore. I hope one day that my new blog will turn into a great outlet much like my private family blog. It’s hard to get it up and going though. I will…eventually!!! So glad you heard from hallmark!!! Have a great week!Love ya,Buffi

  3. Wow Keisha, that is wild! We just saw that Hallmark commercial last night and my girls were like “COOL! Look at that card!” and I was like “Mrs. Keisha says that is NOT cool and the heart shaped sandwich is just as cool and do not expect one of those cards from me and if I choose to make you a handmade card you need to be thankful and those other mommas worked very hard to make their daughters feel special blah blah blah blah”And then my girls were like, “Oh, yeah, mom. We were just saying we liked it, that’s all!”LOL! Anyway, love you girl! That is way cool that Hallmark is hearing us!Laine

  4. You go girl! That is just awesome! I am so glad they responded the way they did. I agreed totally with you about your post on the commercial. It was an excellent post and very well said, my friend. Way to go!

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