MAD @ Hallmark & surviving this tough year!

I will Boycott Hallmark this year & I have expressed my concerns to them! Have you seen the clip of the little girls @ lunch.. checking their lunch bags for Valentine goodies from their Parents? You probably have. As a Creative Mom.. it MAKES ME MAD!
Okay, so maybe the stickers on the apple is a little much.. but, the heart-shaped sandwich?.. Come’ on!! They are knocking us creative moms who actually put THOUGHT into what we give our little one’s. Haven’t they ever heard of “It’s the thought that counts.” ???? GEESH! And, the look on the little girls faces after they saw the Hannah Montanna card.. they were ashamed of their gifts. What are we teaching our kids! There are MANY children in America today who’s parent/or parents have lost their jobs recently. All of us want the best for our children & sometimes we may not be able to afford a singing card & that’s okay. We should be teaching our kids good economic values.. like, if we don’t have the money.. we don’t buy it & it’s okay to “make” a card or a “heart-shaped” sandwich!!!!!!

I PERSONALLY feel that the commercial sends the WRONG message to our kids. I feel that with our economy the way it is.. this year.. there will be MANY cut-backs & us mom’s are going to have to be more creative with what we give & how we spend our money.
I don’t know about you.. but, we are doing cut-backs. Here are a few:
* We’re NOT eating out as much.
* I’m doing alot more “meal planning” I plan my meals around the weekly sales paper (which saves ALOT of money)
* I do alot more bargain shopping.
* We eat more left-overs! LOL!

Yesterday, on one of the morning shows, they were talking about these tough economic times & what us Mom’s can do to help out. Here are some of their suggestions:

*Don’t isolate yourself
(stay in touch with friends, do get-togethers, cookouts, etc. etc.)
*make your community a collective one
(carpool your kids to school, dance classes, soccer practices,.. etc.)
*Pamper yourself AT home.
(special bubble baths, do your on pedicures and manicures)
*take time to breathe & exercise
(start walking, running, aerobics… etc.. ) this is one I SOO need to do
*Enjoy the family time!
(plan a family night,.. go on a picnic,. it can even be in your backyard or living room floor, kids love this!)

These were just a few suggestions that I thought were a good start for us Moms. So, I wanna know.. what are you and your family doing to cut-back? Leave me some GOOD comments with tips.. or even write your own post about it & leave your link here! I think we should help each other out! Don’t you think?


9 thoughts on “MAD @ Hallmark & surviving this tough year!”

  1. I haven’t seen this commercial…but I agree with you completely!!!! Pretty much anything that comes out of “this world” isn’t going to be too good! It’s sad…but it’s the state of our world right now! 😦 We’re cutting back too. Yes…not eating out as much. MAN…with 5 in the family you can hardly get out of the restaurant without spending $30! That’s with just getting water too! WHEW! We don’t spend much more than bills or necessities anyway…so eating out is the big thing that we splurge on. So…it’s DEFINITELY the one way we’re cutting back! If I think of anything else…I’ll come back and comment! Hope you have a GREAT day!Love ya,Buffi

  2. I have not seen this commercial…in these times, it does sound like it was done in bad taste though!! You are right, a lot of people are cutting back…..we most certainly are trying to be a little more frugal because of the state of the economy….it is scary to say the least!!

  3. Hey Keisha!I did not see that HM commercial, but it sounds so WRONG! Of course it is the thought that counts…money or not. Sounds like they are just pushing the materialistic mess that we are caught in. Very sad! HM would be horrified to know that we MAKE most of our greeting cards…with markers, crayons, stickers, and paper. lol!

  4. In this economy, it is impossible to travel to our grandchildren as often as we would like, so I am writing stories for them each Monday. Second best to being with them and memorizing their smiles and little voices. We have 18 grandchildren!

  5. I’m right there with you. We hardly eat out at all anymore, and if we do, we go to a restaurant our friends own so, at least, we’re supporting someone we know. I have been cooking alot more at home, too. I haven’t been shopping in…I don’t know how long, and I did my own pedicure last week. (Looks awful, but it was free 🙂 We canceled our xm radio too.I haven’t seen the commercial you’re talking about, but I definitely agree with you. These are crazy times we live in.

  6. Hey..I have to admit my initial reaction was to get one for Annslee..mainly b/c you can record on it. I just thought how cool for her to hear my voice at school : ) I now do see what you mean too and agree that it is just another over the top thing. Not creative here though but I can cut a heart shaped sandwich 🙂

  7. I tell you, it’s alot more fun and means SO much more to come up with original (low cost) ideas. We have so many birthdays this time of year and are coming up with presents for pennies. Unfortunately, all commercials are this way. I can’t stand to watch TV anymore much less let my kids watch. We have challenged ourselves (our family) not to buy anything new this year and I must say I am not even tempted anymore. Before our challenge began, I would just go stroll around Target for hours wandering aimlessly and buying items we didn’t need, of course. We are huge bargain hunters and like the thrill of the hunt. I love going to the grocery store for BOGO items with coupons in hand. Many times I end up getting items for free. Sometimes I even get money back for “buying” them.Keep your focus on what’s right for your family and what you can do to glorify Him most. That’s what’s most important.Sorry to ramble…hope you have a blessed weekend!In Him,E

  8. My son used to LOVE LOVE LOVE when I did ANYTHING extra, to him it was special no matter what. He especially loved my notes written on his napikns and would save the napkin! (I was trying to be subtle, he IS a bot lol)Oh, and the point was, it did not cost a DIME.HugsSusan

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