What the kiddo’s are up to!

Baby it’s cold outside

Faith enjoys her beanie caps, scarfs, & mittens. She has really been putting them to good use these past couple of days. It’s been frigidly cold in the South!

Broughton is really enjoying his MP3 player. I downloaded some songs for him.. & at the top of the list is HSM’s “What time is it?” He loves it! lol!

McKenna is loving her dress up clothes.. that are ALREADY to little for her. I did a little covering up to the picture as you can tell, so she wouldn’t be showing her belly! lol! She is a DRAMA QUEEN honey! Loves singing, dancing & all things Girly!
I even joined in on the fun yesterday, by doing a little dancing (Heather.. don’t laugh, cuz you know.. White Girl can’t dance) McKenna wanted to take a picture of me doing my cross & spin action.. so here it is.. JUST FOR you GIRLS!!

Hey, it’s okay, to STOP & play & look incredibly Silly for your Kids!

Hope everyone has a Great Thursday!

7 thoughts on “What the kiddo’s are up to!”

  1. LOVE it that you’re being silly for the kids. I need to do it more often! 🙂 (Marks the silly one around here…I’m all work and no play! 😦 Anyway…glad to see everyone is back up and enjoying life!!! Hope yall have a great rest of the week!!!Love ya,Buffi

  2. just wanted you to know that i am off tomorrow to pick up my friends from the airport…they are getting back from china…they just picked up their new daughter!!!

  3. Awe, I bet you did the hat for Faith, huh? Oh, you should see me singing with the kids when we play Rock Band! Too funny. Elijah’s favorite song is Creep. LOL

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