New Blog Look

Yes, it’s still me, Keisha.. Just got a new do & new title! I’ve used this logo before in my header but I think it is soooo me that I wanted to use it again. I just love changing my blog around.. kindda like re-arranging furniture in my house.. well, minus the heavy stuff! lol!

I was asked before.. “What exactly does ..”Momma needs 5″ mean?” Well.. many may be still wondering & just to clarify ..it is NOT *ahem* Jill.. “Momma needs 5 more kids!” lol! NO, no..no…!
I simply LOVE bubble baths.. although I hardly ever take’em cuz I’m slap-dog tired by the end of the day! Can anybody relate out there? So, I was thinking just how relaxed I feel when I take them. ~~~~sigh~~~~
And, being a SAHM, sometimes I need a five min. break to think!

If you would notice my sidebar to the right, I have listed some new favicon’s that I thought you might enjoy.. I know I do!

Hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday!!

6 thoughts on “New Blog Look”

  1. How cute!! Looks a bit familiar, too. 😉I’m right there with ya on needing 5, like Lisa said, most days I could use at least 10, but will take 5 when I get them!

  2. Love the new look! I definitely need a makeover, but Richard has me on a spending freeze right now. As soon as it lifts, I’ll be coming your way…lol… I know, it’s sad.Love the title!

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