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A Very MERRY Christmas!

We had a great Christmas this year! It started off with a trip to my parents house a.k.a= Nana & Papa’s 😉 We left on Tuesday to celebrate with them. On Wednesday night we were at Mema & Pa’s (my Grandparents). Every year the WHOLE fam. gets together on Christmas Eve to spend time and EAT! lol! We had 2 new additions to the family this year… Eli (my nephew) & baby Jaiden (my cousin’s daughter). They both were cute as EVER!

Then we headed over to my parents to celebrate!

Then it was on the road home for Christmas morning,.. so Santa could come to our house!
….sorry.. no pics.. Matt had the camera on video mode & took some “not-so-good” shots of me.. yeah,.. they won’t be posted! LOL!

We had a birthday cake for Jesus.. and sang Happy Birthday. Matt read some scriptures from Luke, and we hung our final “Adorenament“.

At lunch we were headed to Papa’s (Matt’s Grandfather). We opened more gifts & spent time with family & of course.. ATE!! lol!

On Christmas night we went to Gran & Big Daddy’s (Matt’s parents) with more eating.. (yum-o) and more gifts! LOL! To say that we were tired… would be an understatement! But, we’re all rested up now.. & I am STILL opening new gifts!!! lol!

As I think about Christmas this year, I am constantly reminded of some close family and friends who have lost loved ones this year… & are having their first Christmas without those loved ones! My heart was burdened for these people ALL day! I would stop and pray occasionally, for them & just prayed that God would see them through. If you are one of those.. who have just had your first Christmas without a loved one… ((hugs!)) My Prayers and thoughts are with you this Christmas season.. may you see the true meaning of Christmas and may God wrap his loving arms around you filling your heart with Good memories & a promise of seeing them again if you both are Believers!!!

Hope everyone had a Blessed Day!! Merry Christmas to every one!


9 thoughts on “A Very MERRY Christmas!”

  1. I love the pics! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! There’s nothing like spending time with family.Hugs,OhildaPS I braved it out and put some pretty bad pictures of Scott and I on my last post, he wasn’t a happy camper…heh!

  2. I love all the pix!! I’ve tried to do that collage and I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it! I’ve got too many pix myself to list all down the blog! Shoot me over an email and tell me how to do that collage!! 🙂 Thanks!OH and I know what you mean about the “not so good picture of myself!” I go through and either delete them…or edit them on photo shop! PRAISE GOD for the skin smoothing tool! It’s my new favorite toy!! (hee hee) Thanks for sharing all you did for Christmas!! I love traditions! Hope you continue to enjoy a wonderful week!!!!Love ya,Buffi

  3. It looks like you had a fabulous holiday!! We are still celebrating here in this household and still EATING….I am going to need to go on a major diet to shed the cookie poundage!!As for the pictures from Christmas morning….I refused to give anyone else the camera to make sure I was not in them!!Happy Holidays!Lisa

  4. Merry Christmas! What wonderful pictures! We are trying to “wade” through the mound of presents still over here so I am behind on posting our pics. What was you last Adornment BTW? We too sang Happy Birthday to Jesus as we lighted our last Advent candle, the kids love the visual stuff. HugsSusan

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