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Christmas Program

Last night we had our Christmas program at church. B-man & McKenna did a Great Job. We were VERY proud! Here are a few pics of my babies singing praises to our King!

Before we left for church I did manage to take a picture of the kids in front of our tree. It was a hectic day yesterday. We rushed home after church to eat, & layed the kids (2 of 3) down for a nap. I had to finish Faith’s dress so she would match McKenna. Wake kids up, get them dressed (spend 20mins. fussing & tearing down the house.. cuz, McKenna had taken her NEW white tights out of her room & layed them down somewhere!!!!!) finish getting myself ready. I had to be back @ church by 4:45 for rehearsal & the kids had to be there @ 5:00.
Then it was….Showtime!

On Friday we took the girls to visit Santa. B-man was at a friends house.

I love these pictures! The girls look soo sweet & innocent! NOT!

This is my fav! McKenna was loving her some Santa!! lol! She informed Santa that even though her brother wasn’t there… he would say.. that he wanted a baby brother for Christmas!
Santa said.. “Ho, Ho, Ho”
I said~ Santa… now that’s just CRAZY talk!!! 😉 lol!!


8 thoughts on “Christmas Program”

  1. A baby brother, huh?!? 🙂 all I’ve got to say is I hope none of mine pray for that! I don’t think I’d keep my sanity!!! Oh girl..I know how it is trying to get out of the house going to church. It’s crazy isn’t it?!?! Well…they all look so precious! And you did a great job on the girls dress. It looks SO CUTE!!!! I need to try and sew something else before I forget what I’ve learned!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful week. Maybe things will slow down!! 🙂 Blessings,Buffi

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