Disney On Ice & Christms Dinner!

Yesterday, B-man had his Christmas Dinner @ school. The girls & I went to eat with him & then I took him home. Those are one of the benefits of being a stay @ home mom. Thank the Good Lord. There are many sacrafices we as a family make because of me staying at home… but, this picture pays for it ALL! I love being at home.. & will stay as long as God allows me too! Gran teaches @ B-mans school so she came to say Hello, & …help me get settled with the girls! Thanks Gran! Isn’t this a Great Pic?!!


Last night, my Good friend Paula & I took the kids to Macon to Dis*ney On Ice! We left early & ate Japanese with some other friends.

Four adults +NINE small excited kids = Food caught in our throats & being tired before we get to the show! LOL!!!!!!
No, Seriously, we did have a good time. The kids were in total silence during the show.

We saw A lot of Disney Characters:.. Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Cinderella, Minne & Mickey, Donald Duck, Chip & D*ale, Goofy, & Pluto. The main characters were The Incrediables & at the Walker Household…. we LOoooooveee The Incrediables! I think in some way… we can relate! LOL!!!!!



5 thoughts on “Disney On Ice & Christms Dinner!”

  1. How fun! We saw Disney on Ice the last two times it came here. We LOVED IT!!! We spend just as much or even more money on all the stuff they walk around to sell as we did the tickets. It’s crazy. When I say WE spent…I mean the grandparents spent! They can’t say no. Looks like yall had a wonderful time!!!OH…I can’t believe you zoomed in on our pix. I hope you just did it on the xmas decor. We were just looking at our pix and we zoomed in on Sadie’s pic and just cracked up. She’s got some kind of food in her teeth and on her lips. You can’t see it far away but OH you can really see it close up. Oh well…hopefully not many bloggy friends will be going in so close!! 🙂 The google glasses….they’re Marks! (hee hee…not really…they’re Silas’) Hope yall have a GREAT weekend!!!Love ya,Buffi

  2. Sounds like you had a great night!!! Look at those content faces….WOW!!I am so glad that you were able to go to the Christmas Dinner at school…those are the important things..I am sure it is worth all the sacrifices you make to be able to share those special moments with your kids!!Enjoy your weekend!Lisa

  3. thanks for stopping by! i love your blog!!! your family is so beautiful. i have a very dear friend that is leaving after the first of the year to go pick up her little girl from China!! we can’t wait.

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