A Girls got to brag..

Oh.. I soo excited. Go here & look at what Ohilda made & take a look at Christmas at her house!! Thanks for sharing Ohilda! You did an awesome job & you have great ideas! I love seeing every body’s Christmas decor. It inspires me to new ideas. I got a few new ones this year from this sweetie (yes! go see!) I love the white painted branches with ornaments hanging! LOVE IT! I have seen some Very creative stuff @ many blogs, things we can do right at home.. that doesn’t cost alot of money (that’s what I like! lol) As I was telling Ohilda, I made that sign on our first Christmas in our house..(we were broke.. still are!) lol! I have come to realize that is when I am most creative, is when I’m working on a budget. If you have some quick and easy decor ideas.. LEAVE me a comment!! We would LOVE to see them!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Girls got to brag..”

  1. You are so cute!! I have to say, that those branches are my favorite Christmas thing in the house….and they were the most inexpensive thing you could ever put together!!Off the top of my head…….there are tons of things you could do with pine cones too!! Spray Paint them with glitter or a bit of white to look like snow and fill glass jars or cannisters with them!!Have fun decorating!!Happy Holidays!Lisa

  2. Good reason for you to brag too!! Her house is gorgeous!!!! I LOVE all of her decorating ideas!!! Yes…being on a budget helps creativitiy doesn’t it. Funny thing…I don’t even remember NOT being on a budget!! (hee hee) We just have a simple country christmas here. I haven’t done anything different with decorating in SO LONG! I have to move to be inspired!! I’m really feeling the urge to move soon…I need some change!! 🙂 (heehee) Thanks for sharing!! Have a wonderful weekend!Love ya,Buffi

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