Daddy’s newest Dear Hunter.!

McKenna has been BEGGING Matt to take her hunting for several years now. Matt wanted to wait until she got a little older before he took her. So, now that’s she’s five.. he took her with him last week. She was SOOO excited!!! I fixed her some hot cocoa to take with her. They didn’t see anything, .. but they got to have some Much needed “Daddy daughter time”.. drinking hot cocoa & whispering to each other. So sweet!

As for Faith, well she’s not interested one bit in going hunting! These days.. she LOVES a computer!

Could this mean … she’s seen me on the computer alot?… hum….


4 thoughts on “Daddy’s newest Dear Hunter.!”

  1. NAH….I’m sure she NEVER sees YOU on the computer!! (hee hee). SO sweet that Mckenna got some daddy time!! That is SO important for our little girls to get!!!! It also looks like our little China girls are going to be very smart…and LOVE learning!!! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh my, your girls are too cute! McKenna hunting while dressed in ALL pink, I LOVE IT! That is too much and Faith – I mean between the doctor get-up and the computer fascination looks like you’ve got a lil brainiac on your hands.Hopefully we will be able to see you soon. Zack and I will be there for most of Christmas week. P.S. Love Faith’s toenail polish πŸ˜‰

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