Making Memories…

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with Matt’s family. We always “flip flop” Thanksgiving Holidays. We had a Fun & Beautiful Day! We enjoyed good food and it was nice to catch up with our family & see everyone. We always take a group photo every year… and every year.. it gets harder & harder to squeeze everyone in the picture. We were missing a few this time so this wasn’t the entire fam. Aren’t we a Great Looking Crew?! LOL!

We meet over at The Cabin every year. The kids enjoy “mule rides”, fishing, and this years favorite…. mud boggin… Seriously! lol! I cannot believe Paula and I let the kids do this! LOL!

This needs to be FRAMED!

We had a really nice time this Thanksgiving! Truly Something to be Thankful for! I can’t wait to read all my Blogging Buddies Thanksgiving Memories! I’m a little bit behind on some bloggy reading! LOL!… However,.. I did see on my dashboard this morning about my Good ole friend Laura..She’s FINALLY going to get her little MAn!!!

Can’t wait for pictures of him in his momma’s arms!!!


7 thoughts on “Making Memories…”

  1. Wow…I love that picture too of the kids walking in the mud! It’s a FANTASTIC picture!!! Also…I was looking for you in the family picture and could only see from a distance. Did you darken your hair? Is your blonde gone?!?! It looks like you guys had a great time!!! Holiday’s with our families are so much fun. Hope you have a great week! Can’t wait for the game this weekend (ALABAMA vs. FLORIDA) Mark and I have our anniversary date on Saturday and it’s so ridiculous…we’re trying to schedule it so we can be home and watch the game. Are we crazy or what?!?! it’s a biggie though!! 🙂 Have a great day!!Love ya,Buffi

  2. Buffi… LOL!! I died laughing at you and MArk.. trying to get to see the game on your ANNIVersary NIGHT!! SO funny!!!!& YES.. I got some high light/low lights put in my hair. I need to take a pic to show ya! I like it.. My hair just kept getting lighter & lighter.. which I didn't want. I just like the sunglossed look. LOL! Plus,.. It was getting EXpensive!!

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