I’ve been meaning to share these photos that I took at a Birthday party we went to. I LOVE to take outdoor shots of my babies in action! With my camera almost every outdoor shot turns out Great! Hope everyone had a great week last week. I’ve got alot to share and ALOT of blog reading to do! Thanks for All of your sweet comments and advice that you left about my last post. I have the best bloggy Friends Ever! Love you!



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  1. These pictures are beautiful!! I always love outdoor photos…something about the light and the way it reflects on things….everything looks so vibrant!! Looks like all the kids had a great time at the party!Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yep, you did good! Pics are cute!Doggy is doing well, but you better catch her cues trying to tell ya she has to go poo, cause when ya gotta go, you gotta go!Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Keisha!I just found your blog. I can’t believe our paths haven’t crossed, as we are friends in the same “bloggy circle” : ) Just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I have enjoyed reading about your family! You have such beautiful children.I am ALL for letting your kids do chores. I think independence (along with loving guidance) is the best gift you can give them!

  4. Thanks for the flight advice. I made it back to Bham with no mishaps thankfully! How was your thanksgiving? I hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend. LOVE the pics of the kids – you should be a professional photographer. Tell the fam we say hello.

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