Learning to "let go" ……

Okay, so NOW my kids are old enough to do “chores”. Well, actually lil’bit and B-man have been old enough. Now, they are officially in charge of making their own beds. Even Faith…yes, she’s 3….yes, I know… she’s little,.. but HEY, one day I walked in the girls’ room while McKenna was supposed to be making her bed & Faith was carefully positioning her pillows and stuffed animals on her bed too. I couldn’t believe it! She was only 2.5 yrs. old! So, now, she has to make her bed too. I’m not a meanie about it. I just want them to learn responsibility. I think it’s a very good thing & it helps me out. BUT, take a look at these photos…. & you’ll see why I’m learning how to “let go”!
McKenna’s Bed:

Faith’s Bed:
I dont’ want to crush their little spirits but, .. I soooo want to go over to their beds and just RE-DO it!! And, maybe take all those dang stuffed animals and stuff them in their rightful place (which is a basket, in their room). I mean isn’t that why they are called “stuffed animals”???…. So when our children collect them by the DOZENS.. we can STUFF them somewhere?! I don’t know.. just a thought.. ya know?

B-man’s is a little better.. what you can see. I actually straighten the comforter it was touching the floor on one side. Notice the Lion beside B-man’s bed. Not my choice! After all he does have a COWBOY theme.. and where do LIONS come in?.. He insisted on the Lion to stay beside him while he sleeps.. because it protects him. What is a mom to do? I like things neat, but I don’t want to be to RIGID with my kids, I mean, it’s their house too & I want them to play & feel comfortable. I’ve heard of terrible stories of mom’s who DON”T let their children have any say in decorating their own rooms & they wouldn’t let them spend time & play in their rooms. That’s just Ridiculous. I would MUCH rather please my own CHILDREN than please someone else.

So, what are your thoughts? What do you do? Should I correct them.. EVERYTIME.. or just “let it go”?! Leave me some comments!


12 thoughts on “Learning to "let go" ……”

  1. I think they did a pretty good job there, I’d let it be. It’s hard for me too with Eli. I am working to let him do things on his own and not correct what he does when he really tries hard. I’m a perfectionist too though.

  2. Oh this is so hard…with almost 3 teenage boys you only have to guess what their rooms look like. I have learned to stay out 🙂 and make them once a week, put them back into “presentable” order. I have been known to go in when they’re at school, and really clean, which they have always been grateful for. It is REALLY nice having Lucy’s bedroom to have complete control over again…for a little while 🙂

  3. I think they are doing a great job….they are taking responsibility….it may not be to your standards, but at least they are making good attempts. As they get older you might be able to guide them a little bit without making it sound like you are telling them what to do.This was a great post….we had major stuffed animal issues in our house too…..I would find them everywhere and it drove me nuts…..until we got a dog….Now the dog will steal any and all stuffed animals that he finds, so now both of the kids put them away to hide them from the dog… worked like a charm!! Lisa

  4. I too struggled with the bed issue for awhile until my older kids started asking “why” do we have to make up our beds everyday? And ya know there are a few days where my bed doesn’t get made now. I love it when my sweet hubby makes up ours in the morning! It really bothers my back to do it. Anyway, now I don’t make them do their beds unless we are having company. They do have chores everyday, but that is not one of them. (Now, our rooms are all upstairs and no one sees them)I finally came to the comclusion that for me it really didn’t matter now. When I was growing up I kept my room spotless without my Mom ever telling me to! I wouldn’t even let anyone sit on my bed! Talk about obsessive compulsive!… The kids take one day out of the week and really straighten their rooms and clean them up. And that works for us. But I agree you can be OCD and drive them crazy…for what??! But I think your kiddos do a great job for their age and they will get better over time.

  5. I love that your kids do chores! Mine do too. The boys have been making their beds since they were 2 1/2. Jackson’s is immaculate with no wrinkles. Joes is pretty sloppy. However, as he has gotten older it is getting better and better. I used to go behind and straighten his if we were having company but I don’t even do that any more. Joe is naturally messy and that’s okay but they still have to clean their room and make their bed every day. To me it’s teaching them a good work ethic. They do dishes and trash every day too along with various other chores as needed. Olivia helps me make her bed and clean her room and she helps unload the dishwasher and load the dryer. I can tell you that you and your children will reap the benefits of doing chores!~Lynn

  6. Oh, they are doing great. Can they come make mine please!! I totally agree about giving them some control..hey, it wouldn’t have been my choice to paint her room purple but it is turning out really pretty : )

  7. You know what girl?!?! I’m SO ther with ya! For ever….i drove everyone CRAZY….because I was on them constantly about them cleaning….and doing it right. We were all miserable. Now….after a long time of realizing that i was getting nowhere….I just let it go and realize…not matter how important it is to ME…it’s just really not that important. if we have company come…i try to help them straighten it up. If not…i just let it go and realize the bigger priority is that they’re being responsible and trying. They are being good stewards by taking care of what God has given them. If you want those stuffed animals in the basket…just make sure they know that at some other time. (not when they’re doing it). Then….the next time they do it…they’ll remember! Hope this helps. You just really have to let it go…and OH…that is SOOOOOOO hard for me!!! have a wonderful day!love ya,Buffi

  8. You do know you’ve turned into momma right?!!!! lol 😉 As I recall we didn’t get a chance to make up ours….or I didn’t anyway…I’d try sneaking to the bathroom then gonna slip back in the bed and her tail would have already made the bed up!!! lol Oooohh those days….but now believe it or not I do that to Bryan!!! haha but it doesn’t work…he just takes it to the couch! I think it’s great there learning these things but if they miss some days no biggie…that’s where you come in! lol 😉 And dont you DARE get rid of those stuffed animals!! I’m 25 and I still have mine!!! hahahahahha 😉 Love ya sis!

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