My Wise little man…

Yesterday I …. really didn’t know how to feel about the election. I have to admit that I WAS saddened. He was not who I voted for & he agrees with aborting innocent babies …it really concerns me. But, I was reminded that GOD is in Control of ALL things! Period.
So yesterday a friend called and I was talking about the election. I was in the car, and as soon as I got off the phone.. Broughton said: “Momma, God voted for both of them.”

I was like:” Whaaa?” (didn’t think he was listening to me babble about elections)

He said: “God voted for both McCain & Obama!”

I said: “What made you say that B?”

He said: “Because God loves EVERYBODY, & he would have voted for BOTH of them.”

Oh, wise little man! I was completely humbled & silenced by what he said. All I could say was… “You are right little man, God does love everybody!”

The lessons we learn from our kids are Unforgettable, and Priceless.
I might NOT have liked the turn-out of the election, but It’s time to suck-it-up and start Praying like NEVER before for Obama & ALL of his decisions that he is going to be making TODAY (the cabinet) & the days to come! He’s going to need our prayers!!

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HUGS to all!


9 thoughts on “My Wise little man…”

  1. Our kids say some of the most amazing and profound things, don’t they?!?! Wow…thanks for sharing!!! You’re absolutely right…we need to pray for the leaders that GOD has set in authority! We’re blessed to support and pray for them…even if we don’t agree with them!! 🙂 have a great day!ROLL TIDE!!!

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