Family, Our Baby Faith

Happy Monday Y’all!

Well, I’m NOT gonna do the “Not-Me-Monday” today. But, I wanted to let everybody know what’s been going on……

We have a new family member…. well “sort-of’ LOL!

Meet Hoot-T! That’s what I call him..(her?) Last night on the way home from church, I was driving & the light shown on this baby owl on the center line of the road. I turned the car around ..(Matt was like.. Keisha, we don’t need another cat) lol! I can notWE can not stand to see an animal hurt. I got out & immediately realized it’s wing was broken. It tried to fly away & couldn’t so I threw my coat over it and scooped it up, brought it home & placed it in our dog carrier. I contacted our vet & I have to bring it in today. They are taking it to a wildlife shelter today! YAY! Isn’t it the cutest thing ever..?? ADELE.. I was thinking of you last night when I was carrying it home. I know how much you LOVE owls. 🙂

I thought it was a baby.. but after Internet searching I think it’s an Eastern Screech Owl, & they are smaller in size. I’ll find out today. Look at those claws!!! They were SHARP! After we got home, I COULD NOT believe I picked this little critter up…

In other news…

Matt got me a NEW apron! I love it, I’ve actually had it & just haven’t posted the pic until today. Ohilda, this pic’s for you! ;0)

&………… Look what Faith can do ALL BY HERSELF!!

Can you tell?

She’s tied her sting in a bow! Matt & I could not Believe it! I was so proud, I ran and got the camera! She was a little proud too. Just look at that Beautiful Smile!!!

McKenna’s learning to ride WITHOUT training wheels! She is hilarious! She wants the’ training wheels off, but.. she freaks out when Matt leaves her side. In this video I learned to get “OUT OF THE WAY!” lol!


And,.. Last but Not least… Here is what Broughton has been up to. Well, this & lego’s, football, & the Wii.LOL! Enjoy the clip, it’s my first little movie that I created using pics!


UPDATE::: I almost FORGOT! I am now on FaceBook! Can you belive that?! I love it! Everybody I know “personally” is on! I love it! I’ve found family & friends from school, my hometown, & friends RIGHT here where I live! It’s fun &.. a little addictive! LOL!

Here’s my profile! Y’all should try it!

Keisha Medders Walker's Facebook profile


6 thoughts on “Happy Monday Y’all!”

  1. The owl is really cute. I would love to know what kind it is. Way to go Faith. Tying all by yourself. McKenna learning to ride her bike. What a big girl. I love that t-shirt and the apron! I can’t believe we vote tomorrow.Hope you have a great week. Great post. I am on facebook. I will have to look you up. I am still trying to figure it out. LOL

  2. I can’t believe you handled that owl either!!! Wow…you’re a BRAVE woman!! 🙂 Looks like yall have been busy!! I’m gonna go and add you as a friend on facebook RIGHT NOW! I’m addicted to Facebook too!!!

  3. THat’s all I need is something else on the computer to eat up all my time!! I can’t believe you picked that owl up! I would have been scared to death.Love the videos!!

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