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Fall Fest…& a little more

We had a Blast at the Fall Festival at our church. The girls were….yup, you guessed it..GA Cheerleaders & Broughton was Indiana Jones! Isn’t he the most Handsome’st Indy you’ve ever seen? πŸ˜‰ I think so! But, I am a little bias. lol!

Also…. LOOK what come in the mail for ME! (Well, cuz I ordered it.. but, anywho..)

Matt was stunned, but it made him feel really good! I DO love my MAN! He’s my sweetie!….. .OH, sorry… πŸ˜‰ forgot you were still reading..

So I stumbled onto this site called From*Me Tees! They are AWESOME! I CAN NOT say enough about this site. They are Christians who promote marriage,… part of their proceeds goes to The Harkins House which is a safe house for young women facing unplanned pregnancies. I’m loving this site.. go check it out! In case you’re wondering.. YEAH, I’M PRO-LIFE… like the T-shirt says.. aren’t you glad your Mother WAS?! I mean.. really .. I Adopted for Heaven’s SAKE!.. How can you adopt and NOT be Pro-life?! Okay don’t get me started…back to From*Me Tees..My FAVORITE Tee-shirt place! πŸ˜‰

Here’s what they stand for:
Mission Statement:
To enhance marriage relationships, communicate a positive image of marriage, and encourage/support the sanctity of the marriage covenant between a man and a woman in a fun and stylish way.

Click below to read the owners awesome testimony! If you ask me.. THEY ROCK!

&…just in case your wondering… YEP, Matt is getting this one:


Hugs to you All!


11 thoughts on “Fall Fest…& a little more”

  1. Oh I love the pics from the Fall Fesival. I bet you all had a great time! I also really love those shirts. I checked out the website. Yeah, I am PRO LIFE big time too!!! I agree with all that you said, sister!Have a fun Halloween!

  2. LOVE those shirts. I stumbled across that website last Christmas…and LOVED it!!! LOVE all the Fall festival pix too. Since we’ve been to Disney…Indiana Jones has replaced Superman for Silas. That is HUGE…because Superman was EVERYTHING!!!!! πŸ™‚ Your kiddos look so cute!!! We’ll do our pix tomorrow night! Hope yall have a great weekend!!! Thanks again for sharing your shirts! I love em!

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