Not Me Monday


I decided to participate in this weeks “Not Me Monday” from MckMama’s Blog. I have REALLY.. REALLY enjoyed reading other people’s not me Monday… it’s like fessing up to things.. you REALLY wouldn’t want people to know.. but, on the inside thinking that it was Really funny!… I love it.. so here goes my first try…

NO, not me.. I did not do these things you see…..

-I did not.. make out a to-do list on a “wipe off” board… complete one thing… erase it with my finger … then GO back to the board.. write that thing I completed BACK on the “wipe off” board & then used a different color to cross it out, so it will “look” like I actually did something!

-I DID NOT.. Bite ..”arrrghhhh” my Dearest Hubby’s head off this morning when he chose to talk to me when I was catching up on my bloggy therapy. I would NOT do that… that would be just plain ole’ mean. I mean.. REALLY.. that would be totally selfish of me.. Right?!

No!! .. I didn’t just send my sweet little baby boy to school in a SHORT SLEEVE shirt today.. only to check the weather LATER, and see that the high today is only going to be.. 58! GEESH! I mean Really.. what are the teachers saying about me?!!!

-I did not forget to fix one of my children’s’ plate last Wednesday night at “FAMILY” nite supper .. at CHURCH .. no less! I did NOT sit down.. slide one(my) plate over to the left out child & run to the serving line Again! Noooooo….

-I did not watch “17 and counting” (The D*uggars) & feel this sudden BURST of energy and write out 2weeks worth of Meal Planning, then look at it this morning saying “WHAT WAS I THINKING?!” All that Dang Cooking!

-I DID not comment on a friends blog this morning (whom I LOVE) .. (& she is a HUGE LSU fan & I”m a HUGE UGA fan) & have a REALLY HARD TIME not to type these words to her blog…

“GO …. DAWGS!!!… YEAH!!! WHOO HOOO!!! WHOOP there it is!”

LOL! (Jen.. now,.. you know.. I love you so!)

-Ok, I DID not feel bad about just typing that & going back up to the “LSU” part and making it their colors.. 🙂

LOL! Okay, now I’m off to read every body’s Not-Me-Monday’s. Sure Am Glad Hubby’s not around!.. Ooh,.. I DID NOT just say that………………….


12 thoughts on “Not-Me-Monday…”

  1. ok, i’m not hijacking ur blog, i promise! just wanted to say…we’re both adoptive mommas and it looks like ur guys are multiracial too. fun. we’re def a motley crew! come and check us out…rdehaus.blogspot.som

  2. You are funny!! I was actually surprised by your restraint. When you said “good game”, I thought, “what is she saying?!?” No, it wasn’t a good game, but I love your list!!

  3. Cute post and very cute blog. I totally send my son to school wihtout checking the weather poor kid wears shorts when its freezing and sweatshirts when its hot out.

  4. This not me Monday – I have never seen it before, but it is so funny!Ivey enjoyed watching the 17 and counting too!! I got sick trying to figure out how they afford things and quit watching.

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