I open my mouth and look what it got me…. TAGGED! lol! Because you tagged me Amie, …… I hearby officially change your name to…… “Cotton”! TEE HEE!!!!!! (you’ll have to read her post to understand why)

I am supposed to name 7 Random things about me and then tag 7 people to do the same…(some of you may remember these from an earlier post… my sorry’s for having you read it again.)

1) I love to eat Crunchy things… if it crunches when ya eat it, I love it! When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I swore I’d rather have a baby! I couldn’t eat crunchy stuff for almost 2weeks!! It bout killed me!

2) I like to roll my towels when I put them in the closet. They look SOOO much better.. I almost don’t want to use them.LOL!!

3) I LOVE all thing artsy crafty… Go figure! LOL! Right now, I’m TRYING to learn how to Applique. MUST…SEND… HELP!! 😦 By the end of the day yesterday…. I was getting a little better… Can you say CLUELESS?!!

4) I DO NOT like for ANY machine to “get the best of me! This includes TV’s, sewing machine, embroidery machine, COMPUTER…. you get the picture! I like to figure it out… WITHOUT THE MANUAL! Those just Confuse me! LOL!

5) When I make my “To-Do” lists, I cross them out after I finish the project but if there’s something I did that wasn’t on my list…. I write it down and cross it out too!! lol!!! (Hey, I did do something!)

6) I AM NOT a Good Gardner! Ask anybody that knows me, and they will tell you that I FORGET to water things. The only thing I can make Live are.. African Violets! Can you believe that?! Here’s a picture to prove it!

7) I love working with children! I LOVED to see their faces Light-up when they learn something new! Makes me smile! I used to work in the school system before being a stay-at-home mom & I plan on teaching when Faith goes to school.

Well, that’s 7 Random things about me. Now, I’ve got to tag 7 peeps… HUM….. now, lets see, who do I want to know more about… ??

Let’s go with:

Heather at Vicker’s party of 3. She’s my little sister. I know pretty much ALL about her …snores & drools while sleeping you know the good stuff she probably won’t tell you! πŸ˜‰ lol! LOVE you, little sis! But, shes fairly new to blogging and I’m trying to convince her it’s WAY cooler than Face Book!

Desiree at Our Happily Ever After. She is a new bloggin friend of mine! She’s very creative & just recently adopted her baby girl from China!

Jennifer at My Three Sons and our China girl. She is a new buddy of mine. She gives such sweet encouraging comments! I have SO enjoyed seeing you comment on my blog! You make me smile!

Jill at Misson to Macie. Cuz, I know you love these JILL!!! LOL!!! LOL!! sorry.

Lori at A Journey To Our Daughter. I just LOVE going to Lori’s blog… it’s like…. , opening and turning the pages of The Better Homes and Gardens. She has SUCH good advice, tips, and she too gives the sweetest encouraging comments. I have really enjoyed getting to know you Lori. You’re a Sweetie!

Buffi at The Young’s Journey to Journey. She’s my tyedying, blackberry loving, musically talented friend! Love ya, Girl.. HAHA.. Tag your it!!

Kim at The Seventh Diamond. She has such a heart for orphans.. and she is patiently waiting for her little girl from China. It’ll happen girlfriend, keep your chin up, Girly! Love you!

Catch ya Later!!

6 thoughts on “Tagged!”

  1. You are crackin me up Keisha!!!! Ok…I’ll have to think about 7 interesting facts…then I’ll post them. too bad I can’t post from my blackberry…or I don’t know how to do it yet!! πŸ™‚ Hopefully I can get something posted soon!!! Have a fantastic day!!!Love ya girl,Buffi

  2. You are a HOOT. I was LOL when I saw your comment on my blog. flippin hilarious!I am SO with you on the to-do lists. I write things That I have already done, just so I can cross them off! MAkes me feel productive.I CANNOT keep anything green alive. NOthing. I KILL everything! My mother in Law cannot seem to “get” this… every year for mothers day I get a flowering plant in a basket.. Every June… I throw away a dead flowering plant in a basket. I think she might be in denial. Might be time to get some African violets!#7.. Agree whole heartedly… πŸ™‚Thanks for playing along girl!πŸ™‚Cotton

  3. ya know…these tags can be kind of a “oh, no!” when we have to do them….but how fun it is to read others and learn more about them~love, love, love your WW pic below!!!!!

  4. Oh gosh, you just made my morning, thank you for such kind words!! πŸ™‚I love reading these things about others, it’s always the funniest!I came over here to thank you for the incredibly kind comment you left me last week. Thank you so much!! πŸ™‚

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