Halloween… to dress or not to dress?


Every year I wait to see what the kids want to be for Halloween. I do not pressure.. if they don’t want to participate… then that is fine with me. We do not visit strangers,..we usually just go to our church’s fall fest. One rule we have… NO scary costumes! I know.. we are joy killers.! Matt really doesn’t like it. I told him one year for Halloween I was a fortune teller… He gasped & his eyes got REALLY big! I also told him that me, my mom and aunt dressed my little cousin (who is ALL boy) like “Boy George”.. cuz, his name was George! (sorry George.. I know payback is bad!) 😉 lol!!!! So, Matt’s eyes REALLY Got BIG then! TEE HEE! I tried to explain that it was ALL for fun & it has had NO absolutely NO affect on George.., huh.. right Georgy Boy?!
Anywho, this year B-man wants to be Indiana Jones. No problem, we can handle that. In fact, we have ALL the stuff, since he LOVEs Indy so much. If I can just find a brown hat…??
Faith will have NOTHING to do with dress-up lately. It really makes her MAD, if McKenna tries to put an outfit on her. ??? I don’t know what’s up with that?! She used to LOVE playing dress-up! I guess she just won’t participate this year. Oh well! McKenna has decided that she wants to be yet another….
So, we will probably wear the SAME costume from last year, unless the Grands decide that they would like to contribute. *hint* *hint* She’s okay with wearing the same one. She absolutely adores it!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Weekend… I know I did.. Because the Dawgs WON!!

4 thoughts on “Halloween… to dress or not to dress?”

  1. I don’t think our girls will be going this year. They will stay home with me and pass out candy. The boys, they started talking costumes back in Septmeber. LOL

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