Just for fun


Lanie, this one’s for you!

Okay, so Lanie gave me this Cutesie ribbon awhile back. She said that she knew I could do something with it….

In my defense Lanie.. I DID use this ribbon for Faith’s tie backs on her Spa Robe. Faith loved the ribbon SO much that she has toted it around wrapping and tying it on her little body…..until today…………..when I *ahem* …….sucked it up in my vacuum cleaner! LOL!

Yeah, that’s an Opps! Lucky for Faith.. she didn’t see this catastrophe.. she was taking a nap. So, I quickly unrolled it… and placed it back in her drawer! TEE HEE!!

*yes, I need to clean my roller on my vacuum. … yes, I realize this…. and have gotten off the computer long enough to take care of Bizzness!

Oh, MY WORD!! I ALmost forgot!!
To celebrate the launch of Handbagplanet.com… on OCT. 15th they will be giving away 24 purses in 24 hrs.!!! I can not wait! Click here to enter. It’s free.. & if you post about it, you can earn 24 more entries…. which is why I’m posting about it! LOL!
I am A Pocket Book Junkie! I could not pass up the free chance to win!!!


10 thoughts on “Oopps!”

  1. I saw that handbag thing too….I LOVE handbags and have a gazillion, but I also use them all too! 🙂The ribbon thing is too funny…she’ll never know. lol

  2. I think we’ve all done that before. (at least I have) I will be heading over to handbagplanet. Can you believe I don’t even own a purse!! We are still in the diaper bag stage. LOL

  3. I am a purse-addict myself. I might just have to follow suit!! THanks for sharing. We could all be doing something around our house, but what’s the fun in that?!?

  4. LOVE the blog look Keisha! I’m trying to catch up with everybody…and I’m so glad Faith loves that ribbon! Cracking up that you pulled it out and are gonna act like nothing happened! Wise move, momma! Wise move!Love ya!

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