Give Away

And the winner is…..

YAY! Jennifer! Congrats! I met Jennifer in bloggy world I think thru.. Jill! If yall don’t know her, you have GOT to go check out her blog. She is SO funny & has 3 of the most handsome “est” boys ever! 😉 She is also in “waiting” mode right now for her Precious little girl from China! We all can’t wait to see her unite with her daughter. So, Jen, now, you can add this in your collection of little girl items. It won’t be long my friend, & she’ll be here & outgrown the bow stage. lol! 🙂
Hey Jennifer, when you get a chance… send me your home addy to

FYI: I used to get my #. Worked out fast & it was SIMPLE! For your next giveaway…..may I suggest


3 thoughts on “And the winner is…..”

  1. Not that I’m going to do a give a way or anything (I just don’t have it together enough). But I am going to check out that site!!! By the way…….ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! 🙂 It was GREAT to talk to you. 😉 Have a fantastic week!!!Love ya,Buffi

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