Urgent Prayer Request..

Ya’ll… Please pray for this Family!

They need are prayers soo badly. They flew to China to receive their precious daughter… only to find out that she is in the hospital.. …. possibly dying…they are trying SO hard to leave with her (to get her to better conditions.. better hospital….)but are facing MANY hurdles…! I can NOT imagine what they are going thru. I know that many of you reading this.. have already heard about them, PLEASE take the time to send up ANOTHER prayer for them. OUR God… is NOT out of the miracle working biz.. people! LETS join together in prayer for this family!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request..”

  1. Praying praying praying!I’ve loved catching up on your posts, Keisha. McKennas hairstyle is adorable! Love the t-shirt too! Thanks for sharing those websites too…and yes, homeschool takes LOTS of discipline! You are doing a GREAT job, friend! And you’re having FUN, which is #1! Good for you!Love you!

  2. Hey…have you heard what’s going on with this family? Their blog is private now and I can’t get on. Just curious if you knew anything!!! Have a fantastic day!! HEY….doesn’t Alabama play Georgia REALLY SOON?!?!?! I may be calling you if we’re doing good!! (hee hee) Have a great weekend!Buffi

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