Oh… what a find!!!

Have you ever just blog hopped around and stumble across a jewel of a site? Well, … try it sometime! I do often & yesterday I found this AWESOME site! She a mom of 3 beautiful girls and she does this “hair art” posting. The title is “She Does Hair” & boy does she do it. Can I just say… I am LOVIN IT!! I saw this post & HAD to do Kenna’s hair like that to wear to the HS football game. She was ADORABLE! Yes, I am a little bias.. LOL! I made 4 of my toddler size “McKenna”style bows to go in her hair! Oh, it was so cute! And, wouldn’t you know.. I did not get a picture.. can you believe the NERVE of me.. so you can’t see what I’m talkin about. Well, trust me… I’ll do a re-do later so you can see McKenna’s, but for now go see the Cute-T on her site. Also, she has a COOL give away going on too! TRUST ME, if you have girls,.. you’re gonna love it!
Ya’ll have a safe weekend!
Love & Hugs!

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