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This morning .. God led me to this Awesome couple,.. THEY NEED OUR PRAYERS! I do not know them.. but feel compelled to share their story! Without going into ALL the details.. yall go to their blog and read about them, it is Very moving! They just lost their second son in Jan. & they are pregnant again.. Expecting a baby Girl… & naming her FAITH! Can you believe that. I knew I loved this couple! 🙂 Kenzie (mom) is in the hospital now having contractions & It is NOT time for the baby. Please PRAY that her contractions will subside & that she can carry this precious angel to full term.
While watching the video below.. I was just in Awe of GOD,and his presence at the birth of their son. This family PRAISED GOD even in the storms & sadness that was going on their lives at that moment. I was blown away by it. I guess looking from the outside in… I’ve never experienced the loss of a child & pray I never do. This couple celebrated the LIFE of their tiny son, & never looked backed and “mully grubbed” (which is probably what I would do),.. they saw God in every moment. Okay, enough said.. YAll Pray.. visit their site… leave a comment.. and watch the Precious video!


7 thoughts on “PRAYER REQUEST!!!”

  1. I found your blog through a comment you left on another blog (funny how that all works). Anyway, love the design of your blog!!! And we are lifting Kenzie and baby Faith in prayer.

  2. Wow, Keisha, thanks for sharing this. I just finished reading many entries on their blog. I cannot imagine the journey they have already been on and now to be in this place. A healthy baby girl trying to come early. Wow! Their faith seems so strong, yet they share their grief and fear without worry of condemnation. I will pray for them and keep a watch on their journey.

  3. I found your blog through another FCA person and was excited about the adoption (we also adopted). Anyway, I enjoy reading what is happening. I went back and read all the Stanfield blog and praying for them. I was hoping to continue to know how things turned out, but thier blog ahs disappeared. Any ideas? ThanksJenniferdavisfamilyof6.blogspot.com

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