Homeschooling on a budget

Homeschooling on a Shoe String Budget!

Yesterday I started school with McKenna. She is Pre-K age but, we decided not to send her and I would work with her at home. I looked into some Christian curriculum and they can be VERY expensive! I was getting ready to order it when I had 2 friends (one who homeschools) tell me that she WOULD not buy the curriculum and that I could do it from using the Internet, Wal*mart workbooks, and what I have at home. So, after much thought & a look at our budget ;)…I have decided to do just that! It does require planning on my part, & I feel like I’m back in college again.. planning and stuff & searching the net for lessons.. but, I love it! I Love the way the girls have so much fun at it & they really enjoy having mommy’s undivided attention. Now, does this keep them from arguring & whinning?,… NO…Does this keep them from wanting ALL mommy’s time?… somewhat? Does it let Faith & McKenna know that I love them more than household chores, blogging, making bows & sewing?… ABSOLUTLY!! I feel this is part of my “Purpose” of staying at home… it’s not just to be “here” when they need me.. but really being “HERE” when they need me!! Am I making any sense to ya yet? Okay so about our day…

I wanted to share with you all what we did today .. because I thought it was a good idea and the girls LOVED this!

Today during Math time we talked about shapes… our shape for today was a circle. We traced circles, I found a little rhyme about circles on the net… & I hung it on the wall

*I gave them a Ritz cracker to snack on.. (cause it was shaped like a circle.. of course!)

*We made circle lollipops!! It was soo much fun! We traced out a circle, cut it out. Then decorated it, glued on a popcicle stick, covered it with cling wrap and wrapped it in a ribbon!

materials needed:

Finished Product:

We had SO much fun!!! Just look how happy they are:


Hum… I’m thinking tomorrow.. we’ll make some “circle” cookies!.. Stay tuned! And, if you have any ideas.. blog about it.. & come back here and leave me a message!! Remember pictures are ALWAYS GOOD!!


Remember.. I’m looking for lessons!! ;0)


11 thoughts on “Homeschooling on a Shoe String Budget!”

  1. Great ideas, Keisha! Keep it up. You are so good at this kind of thing. Pray for me, I need some encouragement. I am fighting with failure. Feel like a total one!

  2. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I ordered some workbooks off of ebay. The days she doesn’t go to school we are going to work at home. Introduce the homeschooling idea to her and let her decide what she likes best. Any websites you want to share I would love to hear it. I am going to check the one out that was mentioned above. I will keep checking in. I love the lollipop idea. Walmart has some really inexpensive games by Active Minds that I have gotten too. One that we bought was a color and shape bingo. She loves that. Another one that we bought is a site word bingo. I bought both games for $5.Good Luck!

  3. this is wonderful! I did not spend money on curric for early ages either. Its amazing the printables you can get free. We went with Sonlight this year for 2nd gr but I still kind of chose which books I wanted and did not go with the entire curric. I just love their book selection, its a great website to look just to get ideas for read alouds and early readers that they will enjoy. You can then go to the library to get them. You go to then hold mouse over core curric then read alouds then learn more to see individualized list for whatever age.Hope your year continues to be fun!Connie

  4. Oh Keisha what adorable ideas! It looks like you are off to a fun and great start! The girls will LOVE doing home pre-K!One thing that helped K & Q learn their shapes was going on shape hunts around the house. We looked for circles (doorknobs, drawer pulls, etc.) and then squares and so on. I also cut their sandwiches in the shapes too…And as Connie said…books books books! 😉I'm going to check out that website mentioned. Thanks for inspiring me!Oh, and I love Broughton's back to school scrapbooking! That pic of the kiddos and their daddy walking down the school sidewalk…precious!

  5. WONDERFUL JOB, Keisha!!!! I’m doing the same thing with Silas and Sadie. They both will start kindergarten next year. I’ve been taking it slow right now. I’m going to be more consistent after our Disney vacation. too much going on right now!!! I LOVE your ideas though!!! Way to go! So creative!!!! Keep the ideas comin’!! have a wonderful week!Love ya,Buffi

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