Our little outing…

Yesterday Matt & I decided to take the kids to the cabin and do the camping experience. Matt’s parents have a “little cabin in the woods” by a pond. It is Very quiet and peaceful. We love to go & fish, cookout, roast marshmallows, make s’mores..the whole 9 yards. Except, we’ve never spent the night.

We packed the minivan down with stuff & headed to the cabin. We couldn’t go fishing because of wind and rain.. due to Miss Fay.

As we walked in the cabin, we were turning things on… putting our gear down.. etc… ..checking for little unwanted visitors.. & guess what Matt found behind a chair.. A SNAKE SKIN!!! He pulled it up and threw it outside and said oh,… that snake is long gone..we’ll be fine.. this was the look I gave him

LOL! Then I said.. “Oh no Sir-REE my brother… “This ain’t Happening Captain!!!”

He began to call me scaredy.. & I didn’t care one bit.. funny thing was.. I had panicked so much about it.. till the kids were saying.. “We don’t wanna stay here daddy with the shnakes”

So we stayed just long enough to play a few board games

Eat some yummy S’mores…

Just for your viewing pleasure..

…….& we headed home to camp out in the playroom.. TEE HEE!!

look at this mess…. Laud have mercy!! I’ll just close my eyes for just one night….


9 thoughts on “Our little outing…”

  1. I hear ya! I’d be outta there. Camping is so much better when done inside a safe, snake-free house. I hope you guys are doing well. Little Eli is precious. Tell all in the family we say hello!

  2. GIRL! Stop tempting me with that yummy looking smore! COME ON NOW! That looks delicious!And I am so looking like McKenna if someone told me we were sleeping in the same room where a SNAKE had shed his skin? Uh-uh. He might come back lookin’ for it! Yall sure do know how to make the best out of your circumstances! It looks like so much fun! And I’m lovin’ the tent mess in your house! These are what memories are made of, friend!

  3. Looks like yall had SUCH a special time. I am SO not the roughing it kind of girl. We haven’t ever been camping since we’ve been married. I’m sure the kids would love it. We should try it sometime. Looks like the smores were YUMMY!!!!! We need to make some!!! 🙂 Have a great week!Love ya,Buffi

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